Democrat on Democrat Crime Hits 24-Year High in Rotten 'Big Apple' - Granite Grok

Democrat on Democrat Crime Hits 24-Year High in Rotten ‘Big Apple’

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Democrat Socialists think they are smarter than everyone else. Let us put that to the test. New York City. Biggest Democrat-run City among Democrat-run cities. There was a 160% increase in shootings in June of 2020 over the previous year. How did that happen? Democrats.

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  • NYC passed “bail Reforms” that let more criminals back on the street.
  • They emptied a few jails to “lessen the spread” of COVID19.
  • They locked healthy people down in their homes for months then let anarchists march in the streets and define police policy via riots and looting.
  • NYC responded and cut the law enforcement budget by one billion dollars.
  • More than a few cops got the message. They are retiring early, leaving the force, or calling out “sick.”

In other words, Black Liberal Marxists and (BLM) and militant Fascists (posing as antifascists) got what they asked for from Democrat City Leaders and New York Democrats are paying for that. And it’s not just June.

On the Fourth of July weekend, 39 people were shot across the city, including two men in East Flatbush, Brooklyn. A 20-year-old died after a dispute during a party that spilled out into the street ended with bullets flying.

All tolled the Left’s leaps (including all those years of common-sense gun laws that disarm law-abiding citizens) are costing New Yorkers their lives. And this is not a problem that is just going to go away.

“When you ask the police department now to somehow wave a magic wand and fix [this] when you’re putting all the dangerous people back on the street, you’re seeing what’s happened,” Shea said. “And the shame is, again, this is not a surprise. We knew this was coming. We warned people. We asked people to change and fix the law. We asked people to do many things, but I can’t remember the last law that was passed that actually helped law enforcement, and that’s a shame.”

He pointed out that “a month or two ago,” he was already warning people of “a storm on the horizon.”

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I alluded to the possibility (in my opening) that Democrats are not as smart as they claim. That was misleading. They know what they are doing. None of this is a mistake. It is all very deliberate. The disarmament policy agenda. Letting street criminals loose. Allowing gangs of malcontents to loot and burn. This is not an accident it is a political plan. A template. It starts with chaos and ends, believe it or not, with a police state.

Democrats don’t hate guns, they love them, in the proper hands. Likewise, they do not hate the police because their desired form of government is impossible without them.

This is not about defunding the police. It is about creating a vacuum for federal force that replaces local policing and answers only to Washington DC.  In every town and city from sea to shining sea. A body that will enforce federal policing law, gun and red flag laws, hate speech laws, socialization of peacekeeping forces.

A domestic army operating on US soil that uses the vast resources of Obama’s domestic spying operation to control the population.

This is not a drill. It is not a theory. It is what they want.

So, no, Democrats are not stupid, they are evil.