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CVS and Target Join Growing List or Businesses Mandating Face Masks

CVS mask mandate graphic

The band plays on as both CVS and Target jump on the retail mask mandate Titanic. Both companies have announced that customers will be required to mask up before entering and while shopping in their outlets.

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Target chose August 1st for its deployment of a mask mandate while other stores and retailers are also joining this pointless crusade. Kohls and Starbucks have issued mask mandate announcements as well as Best Buy. I can’t recall the last time I needed to go into any of those.

Now I have another season not to visit them. And no, this avalanche of herd stupidity has not ended. The pressure generally applied by these bold leaders in public-health virtue signaling will be followed by many more businesses, effectively imposing the very thing the totalitarian left has been demanding—a political mandate.

Here in New Hampshire, we do not have that statewide. Some local municipalities have ordered them, and the central planners are pining for an act of government force. So far, we have been spared.

But for how long.

Our governor is a Northeastern Republican. They are spineless creatures attracted to the bright light of populist policy overreach. But to his credit (and that is a rare gift from us of late), Gov. Sununu has not folded. Yet.

As for the private sector, other etailers with announced or existing mandates include Kroger, Whole Foods, Costco, H-E-B, Sam’s Club, Walgreens, Trader Joe’s, Albertson’s, and some 7-Eleven locations.

Harbor Freight Tools require customers to wear masks, and any number of other locations may have posted a notice on their doors asking you to mask-up.

Our guidance continues to remain the same. You are adults. Weigh your circumstances and act accordingly, which includes wearing a mask or boycotting mask mandating business, each of which is entirely in their rights to set policies and standards no more or less than we as consumers make our decisions based upon them.

We support free markets, personal responsibility, choice.

If you are aware of other store with mandates let us know and we will update our report.