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Breaking: Vermont Gov. Phil Scott Issues State-Wide Mask Mandate

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The pressure across New England to engage in useless virtue-signaling grows. Vermont Governor Phil Scott has introduced a statewide order mandating masks in public. To slow the spread, don’t you know.

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I guess a 73% rate of false-positive COVID19 tests has driven him over the edge.

Vermont Gov. Phil Scott on Friday issued an order requiring people in the state to wear masks in public as part of an ongoing effort to reduce the spread of the virus that causes COVID-19. …

Under the order that takes effect Aug. 1, all public and private businesses must display signs saying masks are required for anyone over age 2. Businesses are allowed to refuse service to people not wearing a mask.

There are a number of exemptions, including people who are eating or drinking, engaged in strenuous exercise or those who have a medical exemption. People who do not wear a mask are not required to produce evidence of their condition.

Gov. Scott did take time to say a few words about maskholes.

“Unfortunately this issue has become polarized,” Scott said. “I am still worried that a mandate will create conflict and resistance.”

He urged people not to resort to public shaming of people not wearing a mask and to give people who don’t wear masks the benefit of the doubt that they could have a legitimate reason not to wear one.

“Let’s not make the news with screaming matches caught on video,” …

After deliberately scaring the crap out of people over nothing for months shouting matches going viral on social media are the least of our worries.

The damn republic is teetering on the edge of total and absolute insanity. Over a virus with a recovery rate of (what!) 98.8%.