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The Barrage of Riots and Idiocy

barrage of riots and idiocy

Over the last few weeks this country has seen a barrage of riots and idiocy. These events have taught us something. Let’s just take a moment to recognize the subject of gun control died in the riots, looting and mayhem. That’s right gun control is officially dead. May it Rest In Peace.

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The media has been soft-selling these incidents. But people across the country understand property damage and physical assaults. They are real. They are all coming from armed leftists. That would be BLM, Antifa, and their progeny. They are Democrat, Leftist, Marxist revolutionary groups. Those groups are serious and real.

Worse, politicians from local to national are, at the same time, telling the police to stand down. They are supporting defunding the police. A consequence of this Democrat sponsored policy and political action is gun sales are growing not declining. That does not happen when people are feeling safe.

The large majority of gun sales are to people who are first time buyers. Gun sales are up 45% in Pennsylvania, 70% in Texas, 136% in Arkansas, former home of Bill and Hillary. Ammunition sales are also through the roof. Could it be that lack of actual physical security trumps the gun control narratives? You can bet your bottom dollar it does.

Sure everyone who lives in suburbia wants gun control. They want to be safe. Guess what… riots, looting and mayhem in the streets do not make people feel safe. In fact, riots, looting and mayhem followed by moves to eliminate and reduce police capacity makes people feel even less safe. Why is that? It is because we the people are less safe. And this is all brought to you by your local Democrat Party.  Thank you very much.

What do you see and what does it mean?

Look around yourself. Do you know anyone who has purchased a firearm recently? How many of those purchases are by people who were previously espousing anti-gun positions?  We are seeing the figures ratify the anecdotal evidence. Across the nation people are feeling less secure. Gun sales are going up.

Where has this all started? It started with our states’ governors. They have used coronavirus as a cover for the imposition of martial law. Their actions, making gun control ordinances, have had nothing to do with the virus. Everyone understands that.

The actions of the governors have not made a difference to the virus, except in a few cases like New York. There the actions killed a lot of older people. The gubernatorial actions have been more destructive of liberty than those of BLM and Antifa. At least we can see and react to the riots, looting, and mayhem of BLM, Antifa, et al.

Joe Biden is following in the path the governors trod. He is easily the most pro-gun control presidential nominee… ever. Consider, his previous running mate never saw a pile of bodies he could not confuse with a podium. So, calling creepy uncle Joe the most pro-gun control presidential nominee… ever is saying something.


The coming election is shaping up to be a very clear choice. What will you vote for? Will you vote for an obnoxious SOB who understands and respects federalism? Or will you vote for door number two? Do you want someone who is competent if personally repugnant?  Or, do you want someone who hides in his basement and can no longer string two sentences together? Which side are you on? There are no neutrals. The barrage of riots and idiocy will grow or atrophy depending on your decision.