Well, so much for this NFL season for me. - Granite Grok

Well, so much for this NFL season for me.

When taking a knee during the National Anthem was a big deal a couple of years ago, I stopped watching the NE Patriots. Sorry but I watch sports as an escape – I gave them my eyeballs and my valuable time to be entertained. I do enough politics the rest of the week so I didn’t need to have it thrown into my face especially as I believed it was disrespecting our Flag. That’s not a popular view point right now but there it is.

NFL logoAnd now, Roger Goodell has now said that, unlike previous, that taking a knee in support of Black Lives Matter is both ok and proper. Well, OK then; starting to re-evaluate my watching schedule (and given the Pats just lost a whole bunch of good folks, why bother as it seemed like the end of the Era had arrived?). And now THIS has pushed me over the watching edge as they just jumped off the Left edge (reformatted, emphasis mine):

Tom Pelissero of NFL Media reports the NFL is expanding its social justice efforts through a 10-year, $250 million fund to combat systemic racism and support the battle against the ongoing and historic injustices faced by African-Americans. The league is looking to spread the money around over the next ten years to groups and organizations that fight “systemic racism.”

The spending amounts to $781,250 per team per year, Pro Football Talk noted.

According to NFL.com, the league is also prepared to reach out to Colin Kaepernick to work out where the money will be spent.

Well, I can pretty much assure everyone that not a DIME will be spent on any Right leaning group or organization. In fact, it will all go to groups that oppose the Right. WHY would I want to lend them any better ratings (it’s the TV money that will be funding this, you can be sure). WHY would I support an organization that directly is attacking my beliefs?

The phrase on the Right is “Go woke, go broke”.  Sure, the NFL is big business and a lot of people won’t care – or will they? Dick’s believed that when they got rid of all their guns AND pay for anti-gun lobbying that nothing would happen. Yep, they were wrong. For the NFL, who knows?

Will the lure of the NFL be exempt or overcome the increasing political polarization of America? Or will they end up like NASCAR who has been running races with no one in the stands?

The upside is that it will mean my blogging efficiency will go way up on Sundays.

Speaking of NASCAR, they’ve gone weak kneed woke as well

  • No more Confederate Flags on any of their properties
  • Bubba Wallace’s t-shirt is “I Can’t Breathe” and his race car is now liveried in black with #BlackLivesMatter
Driver Bubba Wallace waits for the start of a NASCAR Cup Series auto race Wednesday, June 10, 2020, in Martinsville, Va. (AP Photo/Steve Helber)

Look, I don’t own a Confederate Flag so I have no dog in this fight. That said, I am a Free Speech absolutist – if folks want one, let them have it. I am also a Private Property Absolutist so if NASCAR doesn’t want them, it’s their call to make.

However, this is akin to toppling a statue simply because the morality back then was different than what it is now. Back then, it was part of the effort of Reconciliation after an extremely damaging Civil War. But SJWs have to SJWs and this extremely organized effort sweeping the country under the banner of BLM is taking full advantage of it. It is nothing short of the Cancel Movement morphing into the Erasure Cultural Revolution. If you erase your own history, there is nothing to guide your future. In this case, NASCAR is now canceling

Which, pretty much, is what the Left is doing right now – almost the culmination of their century long effort.

As to Bubba Wallace’s putting his politics in everyone’s face? If his employer(s) allow him this soapbox, that’s fine. Not my money but it also means not my time. His Right, abetted by his employer, does not obviate mine to not listen. That’s how the Right to Free Speech works – you can speak and I get to either listen or walk away.

Or change the channel. Which I will. Like I said above, I watched for the entertainment of the sport. I don’t watch it for the politics – I watched it for the NON-politics (which, up to now has been mostly politics free).  They’ve now made it political – and I won’t give them my eyeballs as revenue enhancers.

And my blogging efficiency will be just that much higher.

Thus, the Culture War marches on – almost unimpeded.

Politics is downstream from Culture. The GOP is still trying to play Politics but seemingly unwilling to venture into the Culture War. Oh, they mouth some words at times, they make the sound bites – but please tell me, exactly, what are they actually accomplishing to stop it? I keep saying

if you aren’t going to defend me, why should I defend you?

Keep it up, scaredy cats, and you’ll have no politics at all.