Trump Administration Joins Governors and Asks Court to Put ObamaCare Out to Pasture - Granite Grok

Trump Administration Joins Governors and Asks Court to Put ObamaCare Out to Pasture


The timing seems a bit odd. With “health care” a central focus and the herd refusing to embrace an immunity to virus socialism, Team Trump is all in on dumping Obama’s signature insurance nightmare. The Incremental Socialization of American Medicine Act, or ObamaCare. Trump wants it gone. Promised us, he did.

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And Donald Trump likes to keep his promises.

The President and his administration are asking the Supreme Court, which has not been much of a friend lately, to invalidate the entire scheme. With the individual mandate gone and the tax penalty revoked. “No further analysis is necessary; once the individual mandate and the guaranteed-issue and community-rating provisions are invalidated, the remainder of the ACA cannot survive.”

Given the President’s past ability to lay mines for the Left to step in, I’m going to have to trust him. There must be something waiting in the wings to fill the void Democrats are already messaging. “Dumping millions off their plans in the midst of a pandemic.” 

I’d take issue with the idea we are in the midst of anything unless you mean another bullsh*t act in their progressive political play. And I take issue with almost everything Democrats do and say because none of it means anything. Not even to them. They flip their narratives as quickly as the needs arise. But they’ve been clinging bitterly to ObamaCare from its conception. Nurturing this significant step toward socialized medicine.

And here comes Trump asking the Supreme Court to abort it, not on his own, mind you. He is backing the Republican governors of several states who sued and have been pushing for a ruling. They want out from under the bungling burdensome federal oversight tied to the dismembered remains.

The Court should put it out of its misery because this Congress will not.

If it does the giant sucking sound created by this vacuum, or perhaps it is the collective puckering of millions of Left-wing butt-holes, should be allowed to fill itself with few exceptions.

In the digital space once occupied by ObamaCare, leave room for an of Health Insurance. Heck, let companies like Amazon offer as many third party plans or portals as can be imagined. Across state lines? Yes!

In other words, get the Government out of the insurance business, promote competition, and let the market solve everyone’s needs at a fraction of the current cost. A crazy idea that works for everything else in the universe.

Look at auto insurance. They are offering buffet plans now. Only pay for what you need. Hey, Hello! Do that with health insurance. 

Will it work, can they sell it, is it even an option? 

The corporatists and their cartels will oppose it and they toss a lot of money around Washington to keep the regulations forever in their favor. A plan coming from the congress cannot be the expectation. The absence of any plan has to be the plan. Give it up to the states and let the laboratories do what they do. Then systematically find improvements to Medicare and Medicaid that lean into that new competitive marketplace.

I have no idea what that looks like. I just know what we have doesn’t work, it does none of the things politicians promised (never does) and more of that is bad. Go the other way. But how?

The current congress has no stomach for that ‘cuz Democrats want to socialize medicine. And you can’t ‘Not’ have a plan in an election year. Empty spaces are filled by your political enemies. So, how does Mr. Trump sell this as a better way? What’s the messaging, the counter-narrative, the plan? We’ve heard bits and pieces but there is something else there.

We may have to wait for the Democrats to step on the mine to see what it is. Thankfully the Left is already marching over the minefield and jumping up and down in fits, so it won’t take long.

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