Law Enforcement Appreciation Rally – MicroInterview with Bob Clegg - Granite Grok

Law Enforcement Appreciation Rally – MicroInterview with Bob Clegg

Bob Clegg

I also asked Bob Clegg, who is also running for the NH Executive Council (in District 5) for a quick time in front of the camera to introduce himself to the GraniteGrok readership

Bob has served in public office a long time:

  • …Hometown of Hudson he has served as: town councilor, selectman, member of the Budget Committee, Building Board of Appeals, Economic Development Committee, and Charter Study Committee.
  • Four terms in the New Hampshire House of Representatives.
  • Represented District 14 in the New Hampshire State Senate.

He will be in a Republican Primary against former Executive Councilor Dave Wheeler who lost to Democrat Debora Pignatelli.

Pignatelli, as we reported, decided to go racist and prevented a Black man, Ryan Terrell, from taking a seat on the NH State Board of Education (s’alright – he’s now running for the NH House) and she’s a “only government schools” bigot – no freedom to choose for you, all you “govt hating parents” who care about your kids more than Pignatelli!  She, btw, is not facing a primary.