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Former NHGOP State Party Chair Jennifer Horn Endorses Joe Biden for President

Jho and Joe Biden

Jennifer Horn has been a political hot mess for the better part of the last decade. After falling far from the TEA party tree, she embraced the establishment religion and has been nothing if not a zealot ever since. It is a journey whose downward arc has reached this sad and sorry end. She has endorsed Joe Biden for President.

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Jho Jennifer Horn Vote Biden

Mz Horn recently shared her thoughts with the world.

Voted GOP forever, was party Chair, ran as GOP.

She was a lousy State Party Chair and nearly ran it into the ground, but let’s not get caught up on details.

I want strong, decent leaders, a constitutional America, equality&Justice for all.

Biden used to force his female secret service agents to watch him parade around and swim naked (daily). And Joe has been credibly accused of sexual assault.

He has admitted to quid-pro-quos and uses financial extortion on foreign governments. He pressured allies to drop criminal investigations into a family member, and any number of Biden’s got rich thanks to VP Biden in some cases with taxpayer money. All which, if we believe the establishment zealots, are impeachable offenses.

But forget that, let’s endorse this guy.

A guy who encouraged the FBI to intimidate and railroad General Mike Flynn and is a co-conspirator in the effort to spy on an opposing political campaign, faking FISA applications and trying to remove an elected president from office. And using the intelligence community to spy on journalists, citizens, and members of Congress.

It would be difficult to find someone who feels less constrained by the US Constitution and more opposed to the idea of justice than Joe Biden.

He is a career politician who has never had a real job. He fits this exemplary definition provided to us the other day by NH Education Commissioner Frank Edelblut. He was referring to NH Democrat Andru Volinsky, but this applies equally to Biden and their ilk, all of whom come,

“…from a world devoted to the conviction that human flourishing only emerges from the machinations of our political elites.  Their pious faith in the principle that all progress is entirely dependent on passing this regulation, supporting that tax increase, tweaking those policies, revising another curriculum, is fanatically unshakeable.  It goes a long way in explaining how bureaucratic stasis, administrative bloat, and ballooning costs decoupled from any sense of efficacy, outcome, or effectiveness, have become engrained institutional norms.

Biden knows no solution outside the world of political and regulatory force. And to that end, he embraces openly socialist advisors like Alexandra Ocasio Cortez, who, and this should scare people, is significantly more intellectually agile than candidate Joseph Biden.

But so-called New Hampshire Republican (for life) Jen Horn is backing this guy. Who, by the way, Osama bin Laden also wanted to be president. So, there’s that too!

And why is she wearing a mask in her car?

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