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Biden “Grabbed Her P**SY” – Media Still Not Interested – Advisor Deletes Old Kavanaugh Tweets

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It’s been a week since the news broke. Joe Biden sexually assaulted a staffer. Literally put his hands  on her and “in her.” What I have suitably labeled, grabbing her by her “P**SY.” And one thing has become clear. The Media is not interested and Biden’s Senior Advisor just deleted all her Kavanaugh Tweets.

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Why would she do that if Biden was innocent? Oh, that’s right. Kavanaugh WAS innocent but was made to look guilty. Biden looks guilty and they need him to appear innocent.

To review, from the alleged victim, Tara Reade.

“We were alone and it was the strangest thing,” she said. “There was no, like, exchange really. He just had me up against the wall.”

Reade described wearing a business skirt, which she says Biden reached up with his hand.

Biden’s “hands were on me and underneath my clothes,” she said.

“He went down my skirt but then up inside it and he penetrated me with his fingers,” she added.

There’s another word for this. It’s called rape. Far more credible rape than anything imagined by Christine Blasey Ford. This may be why Joe Biden’s lead advisor just deleted all her Kavanaugh Tweets. Here’s an example.

Dr. Ford’s courage was powerful, it was infectious and courageous. Prior to her testimony her courage inspired me to tell my own story of a college rape. Unfortunately, many Senate Republicans just seem not to care. I mean these were the people that stand and stood by Trump…

— Symone D. Sanders (@SymoneDSanders) September 28, 2018

Tara Reade (a Bernie Supporter) has been very courageous Democrat women and other Democrats seem not to care. People who called Trump unsuitable for the Presidency for locker room talk with no actual evidence of action are ignoring this.

But Joe Biden actually did it. And the media and Democrats are ignoring it. Which I find startling. I’d expect the Bernie Bros to be chasing this story for every scrap, detail, and piece of evidence, real or imagined and beating the crap out of Biden with it. Joe is such a wreck he’d probably fall apart and have to drop out for health reasons – which he should be doing now. He’s not well, mentally. 

But so far, nothing. Even the Sanders Democrats can’t bring themselves to defend the Party and its fake #MeToo #BelieveWomen smokescreen. No pussyhat rebellion. No marches or protests. Nothing. Which is exactly how much value you can place on anything the Left claims to support or anyone they claim to represent. If it or you get in the way of politics and power, you’re nothing to them.

You can read some of the deleted Tweets here (saved for eternity thanks to the internet) from when Simone Sanders was just a lowly CNN commentator. If you like screen-grabbed tweets, you can view those here

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