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Call Audio Leaked by Ukrainian MP: Quid Pro Joe Biden and John Kerry Leverage Cash for Favors


Remember when Joe Biden bragged about holding back a Billion in American Taxdollars to get Ukraine to fire a prosecutor investigating a company on whose Board his son Hunter sat? Good times. We now have audio of actual phone calls where Biden and even John Kerry engaged in this quid pro quo.

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These gems come courtesy of Ukrainian MP Andrii Derkach, care of Robby Starbuck on Twitter (Via Red State).

Here are the Joe Biden, John Kerry and Petro Poroshenko phone calls that appear to be evidence of a quid pro quo where Biden asks for Ukrainian Prosecutor Shokin (who was investigating Burisma where Hunter Biden worked) to be fired in exchange for a billion $ loan.

Fascinating stuff. There’s no evidence that Shokin did anything wrong, but Poroshenko is extremely motivated to please Mr. Biden and Mr. Kerry in exchange for the Billion dollars. 

Part 4 of Biden, Kerry, Poroshenko calls. In this call Poroshenko calls Biden’s promise to sign for the billion $ loan “extremely motivating” in terms of firing the Ukrainian prosecutor Shokin. Biden says he needs to “huddle with his team” to approve the new Ukrainian prosecutor.

And this is fun, especially for the “anti” quid pro quo folks on the left who were so outraged about the nothing-burger in the Trump call.

Part 5 of Biden, Kerry, Poroshenko calls leaked by Ukrainian MP Andrii Derkach. In this call Biden says he’s “a man of his word” and now that they’ve installed the approved prosecutor he is “ready to sign that billion dollar loan guarantee”.

Nothing to ‘see’ here, right?Just some sort of conspiracy to prove something Joe Biden already admitted to doing.

I’m downloading ta few files so we’ll have it if our Comrades at YouTube take it all down. I shared one snippet below. They can all be found here, while they last. (Includes captions)

The Press conference on these is here.

Robby Starbucks segments shares on Twitter are here.


| Red State


An earlier version of this post had a title with Quip Pro Joe. This has been corrected to say “Quid.”