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Data Point – US Daily Deaths, 7 Day Average (Wu Flu)

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Once again, the U.S. is undergoing a media-driven COVID-19 scare after a “spike” in infections. But as we noted earlier this week, the number of cases depends on the amount of testing. The key gauge to watch is deaths. They’ve been falling since April, and there’s strong reason to believe they’re lower than the official count suggests.

The dreaded Wuhan virus is no doubt a nasty bug, worthy of our vigilance and ongoing concern. That said, its virulence, as measured by the daily number of deaths, appears to be waning, as the chart with this piece, courtesy of the COVID-19 Tracking Project of the Atlantic, clearly shows.

7 Day average Wu Flu deaths

The average number of daily COVID-19 deaths on a weekly basis has fallen from a peak of just over 2,000 to 700 or so. That’s a roughly 65% decline. And it’s no fluke. The figure has been dropping steadily since April.

The media and the Covid Karens keep kvetching about the increasing number of CASES – but what they aren’t always saying is that it is of the younger cohort of which they are getting infected but generally end up with a milder form of the Wu Flu). TMEW keeps concentrating that number and I have to keep telling her that that numbers to watch are the overall hospitalization and death rates.  Which, is going down because of earlier detection, better medical protocols, and a bit of dumb luck thrown in.

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