Are you going to work for free to pay for all of this? - Granite Grok

Are you going to work for free to pay for all of this?

Wouldn't it be Wonderful

According to “Main Stream Media,” President Trump is corrupt and evil, if so where is the evidence of that? Look, there have been numerous charges leveled at him. And any number of non-official and at least four official investigations.

None of which has resulted in other then haters personal attacks, political disagreements or just plain lies as the so-called evidence. I think it’s well past time leftist writers to this paper put up or shut up. In other words, so where is your evidence, not your opinion, not what “somebody said?” I want real documented evidence like what is acceptable in a court of law?

There is dumb, there is stupid and then there is malicious lying as we see from the MSM on a constant basis. People who buy into and faithfully repeat this stuff without ever checking facts must by reason fall into one of these three categories, that is just logic. So why has this become acceptable to so many and what will be the future if this persists? I can make some guesses. Accusations will replace evidence as “liberal” judges overwhelm our court system. Those charged must prove themselves innocent, replacing “innocent until proven guilty,” except of course for the politically privileged. Elections will become one-sided as politically correct candidates indistinguishable from one another vie not on the basis of ideas but just more of the same. With that formula the nation most likely will stagnate and die and that would be a shame.

What is it these leftist socialist want that they make all those empty promises of FREE everything? Sure the rich are going to pay for it, for how long and when there are no more rich? I guess like Star Trek everyone will work for free? Sure all those skilled tradesmen, educators, medical, engineers, construction workers, drivers, pilots, administrators, keep going — who’s going to work for free, YOU? So when no one will willingly work for free how will our “fundamentally transformed” America pay for all that promised FREE? This is why socialism never works, to stay in power they must keep promising more free stuff but continually have loess and less ability to pay for anything. What’s left is only totalitarianism or slavery. Ancient Romans discovered that rather early on and, well the rest is history.

Is capitalism perfect, maybe not, but it raised more hundreds of millions out of abject poverty than any other system devised by mankind. It made this country the most prosperous, advanced, and freest nation in world history. But the left tells us to throw it all away; trust us we’ll take care of everything. In a pig’s eye!