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Transcripts from House Investigation Reveal – No Evidence of Trump-Russia Collusion At All

Obama Middle Finger

If you are still clinging (bitterly) the notion that the Russians colluded with Donald Trump’s campaign, your heart just got stabbed 53 more times. Fifty-Three House Intelligence Committee investigation transcripts are cleared for public release, and there’s still no “there” there.

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Another source familiar with the transcripts told Fox News that the people interviewed by the House Intelligence Committee during its Russia probe were asked whether they had evidence that Trump, himself, or the Trump campaign conspired, colluded or coordinated with Russia during the 2016 election.

Two sources familiar with the transcripts told Fox News that not one of the 53 witnesses could provide evidence of collusion.

“The transcripts show a total lack of evidence, despite Schiff personally going out saying he had more than circumstantial evidence that there was collusion,” one source involved in House Russia investigations told Fox News.

Shifty Schiff lied?

No one should be surprised by that. Lying appears to be the thing to do when you have a partisan witch hunt, or want to keep one going. Page, Popadopolus, Mike Flynn, Donald Trump. Every one of these “investigations” leads to a dead-end that was resuscitated by partisan Obama swamp rats. In most cases, the methods used to keep these “dreams” alive were unethical at best but more like deliberate criminal acts.

For anyone who is not overly concerned, the US government lied to illegally spy and then frame innocent people because they were either a means to a greater end or as political vendettas.

If you’re still clinging to things, then keep clinging to this as well. The idea that then-President Obama didn’t know about it. It’s getting nearly impossible to support the idea that he did not know. And the odds are high that Obama knew about everything and probably gave it his blessing.

He certainly did nothing to stop it.

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