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The Real Reason Jeanne Shaheen Doesn’t Want to be Vetted as Potential Biden VP

Sens. Hassan and Shaheen

Team Biden is looking for a woman for him to pick as his running mate. Might I suggest a transwoman? Joe might be able to keep his hands off “her,” maybe, possibly.

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And I’m not sure any actual women want to be that close to creepy-Joe. And while that could be one reason Senator Shaheen has asked not to be vetted, there’s a much better one.

It’s a similar reason Senator Hassan, also name-dropped by Biden before the New Hampshire primary, won’t. If Biden won, Lord help us, Chris Sununu, who, despite all the BS, will probably get re-elected, can pick her replacement. A Republican replacement.

The Democrats need the Senate, and they can’t give up any seats they could otherwise hold.

Shaheen is up for re-election. If Biden picked her and she accepted, New Hampshire Democrats would have to find another woman to plug into that race on a moment’s notice, and they don’t have much from which to choose.

Ann Kuster?

That’s about it, but can AK pull off a Senate bid? The last CD-2 Democrat member of Congress to try it was Paul “Hot Dog” Hodes, and he ran one of the worst campaigns in history.

No one else would have the name recognition, and it is much to risk. 

And I do not expect Biden to seriously consider any woman in the Senate who isn’t in a solidly blue state and a solid Democrat seat.  By which I mean his team to decide before telling Joe who it is. 

I don’t think he has much say in anything anymore. That too is much to risk.