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Tara Reade Road to Damascus Moment – Media Bias isn’t just Some Republican Talking Point

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Biden Sexual assault accuser Tara Reade is having a moment. Well, several. But this one is a big one. A scales from the eyes, Road to Damascus moment. She has discovered that media bias is not just some Republican talking point.

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“It was really devastating when [Kirsten] Gillibrand and Stacey Abrams and Hillary Clinton, all on the same day, just basically implied my story wasn’t true and they believe Joe Biden. I can’t describe to you what that felt like,” Reade said on Thursday, describing herself as a “lifelong Democrat” and particularly a fan of Abrams, the former Georgia state minority leader who has been campaigning to serve on the ticket with Biden as his vice presidential nominee…

“I used to think that a Republican talking point was to call the mainstream media biased,” Reade said. “So I used to think, ‘Oh, that’s just a talking point for them. I don’t believe it.’ But now I’m living it, real time, and I see it — like, I see it for what it is. Because I am a Democrat, or I was. But now I’m not anything, really. I’m politically homeless.”…

I guess she has not yet heard how one New Hampshire Democrat is convinced that she could not have been sexually assaulted unless she helped. Though, I’m sure she has heard a lot. When it comes to politics and power, Democrats will throw anyone under the bus, even a Democrat woman. Sorry, now “former” Democrat woman.

And it would not have made a whit of difference if she were black, Hispanic, or a lesbian member of a teachers union. If you cause trouble for any person or policy with a higher pay-grade than your own, they will try to discredit you, and if necessary, destroy you.

And the media will be the tip of that spear.

It’s not a talking point. It is not a conspiracy theory. It is very real, and Tara Reade has discovered just how real it can be.

As for Richard Komi, leading NH Democrats have called for his resignation. It appears that not even they are willing to try and run cover for his remarks. And given that they went national in a heart-beat, it’s not something from which they can just walk away.

But no word yet on whether he has decided to take their advice. 

And we’re wondering when Democrats will have their own come to Jesus moment and decide that Biden is more of a liability – throw him under the bus. I think the time is coming.

Until then, they all have their foot in the same trap, and Team Trump is taking that whole crew of Hypcrats to the woodshed.

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