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Stopping Petty Tyrannies Is How We Beat the Serious Ones

ReOpen - Life Free or Die in Lockdown

My dentist called today with a reminder for an upcoming scheduled appointment. We confirmed the date and time. Then the office worker said the practice requires patients to wear face masks. It made me pause for a moment.

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How are they going to work on my teeth without mask removal? It is 14 feet from the front door to the check-in point. It is an additional 22 feet from check in to the exam chair.  That’s about a total of 12 steps inside the office from the front door to the chair and 12 more back.

Who’s protecting who from what? Masks are stupid. Masks don’t stop a virus any more than your underwear prevents the smell of a fart from escaping. Why does wearing a mask to a dental appointment make more sense than asking: How long toilet paper will last if you freeze it?

The serious ones

The governor said at a news conference that reopening schools in the fall is dependent on a poll of parents.

  1. This is a tacit admission the governor has no intention of ending the state of emergency before Labor Day. The governor is a tyrant abusing his power. He knows the declaration of the state of emergency must be renewed every 21 days.
  2. When was the need for schooling put on the list of items for the governor’s discretion? He just put it there over my objection.
  3. When did a state of emergency become dependent on a poll of parents? We either have a state of emergency or we don’t. Why isn’t it appropriate to use the invalidation of reason for the declaration of a state of emergency as reason for ending it? Goalpost moving is inappropriate. (Executive Order 2020-04)
  4. The governor’s executive orders remain in effect only because of… and as long as… the declaration of a state of emergency is in effect.
  5. The State of emergency was issued based on the expectation the virus would overwhelm New Hampshire’s Hospitals.
  6. We have not approached even 10% of hospital capacity for virus-related cases at any point since the declaration was declared.
  7. Why is the governor not in court defending his emergency declaration?
  8. The legislature delegated to the governor the authority he is abusing.
  9. Why isn’t the legislature acting to end the state of emergency… why are they not ending this tyranny? Three months into this they are clearly feckless.
  10. Why can the governor keep extending the state of emergency indefinitely? Who thought that was a great idea? Why doe he not have to go to the legislature for concurrence for re-issuance.

Stopping Petty Tyrannies Is How We Beat the Serious Ones