Is WMUR's Jessica Moran trying to be wingman to NH Snitcher-in-Chief, Mindi Messmer? - Granite Grok

Is WMUR’s Jessica Moran trying to be wingman to NH Snitcher-in-Chief, Mindi Messmer?

I previously wrote about Mindi Messmer who having failed in her run for US Congress is now trying catch a seat on the NH Executive Council. And in doing so, she has no problem in telling people to be Coronavirus Correct and reporting back to HER when people aren’t gloved and masked:

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Mindi Messmer - bringing East German Stasi to NH

And now, WMUR’s Jessica Moran wants to be the “Tent Stasi”??  In two versions of “tent safety” pieces, one at News 9 at 5 (long form) and one at News 9 at 6, she doesn’t want you to complain to any restaurant management, trying to comply with Sununu’s micromanagement of almost every industry (except for we here at the ‘Grok – heh!)  if you think a tent is set up wrong. The link here goes to the one broadcast at 5pm. It ends with her saying:

And if you have any concerns about a tent that you’ve seen, contact your town officials, your local code officials. That will tell you if a permit has been pulled. If that’s happened, that means that the tent has been inspected. If you see anything that looks unsafe, contact your local officials.

New 9 at 6 was shorter and had this different ending:

If you have any concerns about a tent that you see at a restaurant, contact your local town hall or fire department.

So when did we become a nation of wussies and snitches?  Why didn’t she say “If you are concerned, talk to your waiter/waitress, ask to talk to a manager, or request that the owner look into this”?  That’s how we USED to be – keep it local, keep it nice, and express concern to the people who, in this case, have MUCH to lose. Look, restaurants that aren’t by nature fast food ones are barely hanging on due to governmental overreaction and regulation. The restaurant WANT to do the right things – their livelihoods depend on it now and already we are seeing such just throwing in the towel and closing the doors for good.

I, on the other hand, am known for reaching out IMMEDIATELY to restaurant staff when something is wrong; I’ve also been known to ask a server if I could talk with the manager – to congratulate the manager for have such a great employee. Pleasantly (well, except when I returned a Prime Rib 5 times at T-Bones (having previously praised them back in 2007) as it got to be a bit much and I had an email session with their corporate HQ) done, things get fixed. TRY HARD to get it fixed as local as possible.

So, I was rather surprised when Moran went directly to “town officials” instead talking with the staff.  Why go nuclear, go running to Government, as a first thought?

Bad form. Bad example.

Going to Government, for this or at ANY time, for something like this should always be a last resort when, in this case, talking with the staff ends up not getting what is needed in this situation.