So Mindi Messmer, running for Exec Council, is trying to be the East German Stasi of NH? Being the "Mask Police"? - Granite Grok

So Mindi Messmer, running for Exec Council, is trying to be the East German Stasi of NH? Being the “Mask Police”?

Mindi Messmer

She really would fit in when Germany was split into West and East Germany during the Cold War. The East German police were known for being cruel, sadistic, and turning  their fellow citizens into snitches against each other (standard fare for Communist countries).  Imagine that – making citizens fearful of their fellow citizens for having “doubleplusungood” thoughts or actions?

May I present Mindi Messmer – former and failed candidate for US Congress and now wanting to be the Snitch-In-Chief of the NH Executive Council:

Mindi Messmer - bringing East German Stasi to NH

Oh, but it is for the GREATER GOOD!  Another one of those “Public Health Trumps Everything” kinda folks where the means justifies the end.  And yes, that attitude is hastening “the end” and I doubt I have to really explain it.  Grokster Ann Marie spotted this and had this to say”

A Democrat running for Executive Council in NH wants businesses to snap a picture of their customers if they are not wearing a mask.
NOTE to all, I do wear masks when I leave my home because I’m immune suppressed. However, I have had a couple of individuals who came into my home recently to do some work.
I DID NOT wear a mask but was far enough away from them.

We do not have any measure in place that requires anyone to wear masks.

While I would suggest everyone wear one, I wouldn’t support any kind of mandate on anyone.

We also do NOT need a citizen requesting businesses take pictures of their customers and send those pictures to her. She does NOT hold office in New Hampshire.

Do we really need private citizens or even elected officials spying on customers who do not wear masks? Gathering information on them? Are we really resorting to the MASK POLICE?

Well, apparently Mindi Messmer disagrees and it is clear she believes a mandate is wanting to FORCE everyone to wear one. And isn’t above shaming her own constituents (as well as the rest of us). Do we REALLY want someone on the Executive Council that wants people ratting each other out?  I keep hearing from the Democrats that they always want us to all work together, get along, come together, and be united.  Yeah, you really think this is a GREAT Trust building exercise, Mindi? Turning citizen against citizen?

Or is this just an exercise in “right mindedness” (wherein YOU have the right thinking and we’d all best be following behind you)? Demanding conformance to her every mandate? Who does she think she is – MI Gov. “Half” Whitmore?   Just flipping great – the Pied Piper of Progressivism who isn’t leading from the front and voluntarily being followed by others – instead, it’s chains and whips from the back of the line.

It isn’t just enough that we are all “enjoying” our free 30 day trial of Socialism – she’s downright bringing the Communism right behind it.

After all, what Free Society even thinks this way?  And I dryly note that it isn’t those of us on the Right that have come up with this – it’s the Left that’s yammering. They have no sense of Freedom to live our own lives OUR way.  Conform or else!

Are you totally off your rocker, filled with delusions of what you would do as an Executive Councilor (what, trying to bust the record that Andru Volinsky has already set)?   Or wanting to be the winner of the new reality show “Karen, in NH”?

What’s worse is that her sycophants are blowing up her FB page with details about all kinds of business and people.

This is the problem with self-anointed Progressive busy-bodies – they just can’t stand to see people having their own ideas of how to go about their lives.

UPDATE: Hey, a bright idea from my Eldest – let’s EVERYONE start taking selfies of themselves and sending them to Mindi. From EVERYWHERE YOU GO!  Like the traveling Travelocity Gnome!

Hey, if the Left wants to set the New Rules, let’s just play by them.  Remember, it’s an Alinsky thing!

Here’s her campaign site….and her email.  Please, consider helping her…out.

Oh, I dryly note that her campaign picture doesn’t have her wearing a mask.