Poll Results: Who is Your Pick to Win the NH CD-2 Republican Primary? - Granite Grok

Poll Results: Who is Your Pick to Win the NH CD-2 Republican Primary?

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We round out the big state races with the primary for Congressional District two. Three Republicans are vying for the opportunity to challenge longtime incumbent Democrat Ann McLane Kuster (who has questions about Trump’s Ukraine call but none about Bidens).

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Steve Negron from Nashua is the winner, with 52% of the vote.
Eli Clemmer comes in at number two, with 35% of the vote.
Lynne Blankenbeker rounds out the poll in third with just under 13%

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The obvious surprise here is Lynne Blankenbeker coming in behind Eli Clemmer. We like Lynne, even though she never responds to our requests for Grok gauntlets (editorial board Q and A’s) or interviews. We supported her State House run in Concord. We are grateful for her continued service. But we are curious where her support is hiding?

She said she would not get in the primary unless the donor support was there. I have no looked to see if she just got in anyway, but without a swarming grassroots swell-like response to any opportunity to set perception, what are you even doing in the race?

Or maybe the better question is this. Who is swatching the campaign store while she’s doing her thing?

Then there is Eli Clemmer.

I still have no idea who that is (and we’ll look into that soon) but he has demonstrated here the appearance of what I just said Lynne should. Without having run a CD-2 primary in the past.

Thanks to everyone who voted.

Our next poll will be released Friday at 3 pm ET.

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