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Quick Thought: about that CD-2 Poll that Steve put up

GrokPoll NHCD-2 Republican Primary

It’s still open until midnight tonite but I am REALLY surprised at the results thus far. As in, ask yourself: “Who the heck is Eli Clemmer???”

Grok NH CD-2 Poll Primary

You can find out more about him in the two links I put in on his name above. Still, until the second to last NH GOP Convention / Annual meeting where he spoke from the podium, I had no idea who he was or is.  So the second question is “WHY is he leading Lynne Blankenbeker??????”. Seriously, an UNKNOWN is leading a two time Congressional candidate and former NH State Representative?

Look, GraniteGrok has made no endorsement in this race. To my knowledge (and yes, I have been known to be wrong or clueless from time to time), unlike the Senatorial race, no Grokster has yet endorsed anyone on the ‘Grok. I’m just rather surprised by what seems to be the outcome as 12:01am tomorrow morning as she’s only at 39% of his total right now. Sure, this is an UNSCIENTIFIC poll – the only restriction is that any IP address can only vote a single time. And it is geared to GraniteGrok readers which is, if you think about it, kinda the point – we want to know what our readers are thinking. This certainly tells us a lot.

It may be telling other people a lot as well. Maybe.  Sorta.