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NH Democrat Richard Komi’s Resignation over his Tara Reade Tweet is Not an End it’s a Beginning

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Manchester Ward 5 Democrat House Rep Richard Komi has resigned after a tweet suggesting Tara Reade would have to have helped Joe Biden Sexually assault her based on her allegations.

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The tweet said,

Judging by the position of the female vagina, it will not be easy for anyone to just put their finger into the vagina unless their (sp) is some Cooperation from the female herself. That is why I believe Tara Reade’s allegations is false. She is looking for attention.

It quickly went national, followed by New Hampshire Democrats asking for his resignation.

Komi submitted his resignation by email on Saturday.

“I am by this email offering my resignation as a member of the New Hampshire House,” Komi wrote in an email to Shurtleff, shared with the Union Leader.

“I also want to offer my sincere apologies to anybody whose feelings may have been hurt by the tweets,” Komi continued. “I am and will continue to be a supporter of victims of sexual and domestic assault. The tweets were very poorly worded and do not reflect who I am and what I stand for. I ask for the forgiveness of all who have been a victim of sexual or any other kind of assault. I in no way excuse my poor judgment on this matter and hope that every one will know that I am truly sorry for my mistakes.”

I’m sure New Hampshire Democrats wanted this out of the news cycle as quickly as possible, given their reluctance to address the actual accusations. Quiet this down before people start asking questions. Like, why aren’t they equally outraged about the alleged attacker, Joe Biden.

Sullivan Tweet ReopenNH rallyThis effort reminds me of a Tweet from Kathy Sullivan, a former NH Democrat State Party Chair, and National Democrat Committeewoman (retiring).

After the first Reopen NH rally, Sullivan tweeted her frustration at the news coverage. She opined that there had to be more important stories to cover than that.

There were. The Tara Read allegation that the Democrat’s presumptive nominee had sexually assaulted her. But not so important as we’d like to think, eh Kathy?

The media and Democrats were memory holding it as fast as they could. Komi’s Tweet, and now his resignation brought it and New Hampshire Democrats to a national stage. 

So I guess one of the questions we need to ask is this. How many of these Democrats that were so offended by Komi’s poor judgment can find the outrage to speak out about the actual alleged assault or the alleged perpetrator of the assault? 

Why does it matter that it’s Joe Biden?

Especially since Joe Biden is accused of actually doing what Trump talked about (grab them by the *****!).

Doesn’t that make Biden even less qualified for the office? Or, was all the rhetoric about Trump’s remarks being disqualifying more partisan bulls**t?

Why hasn’t the New Hampshire media or the party of women digging in and giving this a fraction of the bandwidth given to the unsubstantiated accusations against Brett Kavanaugh?

We know why, which is why we should ask every chance we get.

They started an entire movement (The Women’s March) over Donald Trump’s locker room banter. Now we’ve got Biden caught with his hand literally in that “cookie” jar.

That means that New Hampshire Democrat Richard Komi’s resignation isn’t the end of this conversation; it is just the beginning.

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