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Isn’t he just a SPECIAL sort of Stupid: Jim Morgan

Jim Morgan

Yes, we get tips from time to time (actually, more and more often) and this one is a special sort of amusing. However, to set the stage and remind you of some important history, let’s start with these:

Politics is downstream of Culture

All Social Issues have a Financial Cost

That second meme came to be as I was having a rather heated “discussion” with former NH Speaker of the House Doug Scammon who had yet to learn Andrew Breitbart’s (the first meme above) morsel that culture drives politics.: . Translation: change the culture, you change the politics and taxpayer outlays. Social issues will ALWAYS require a bigger Government.  In his case, Scamman wanted Conservative Republicans to just “move on” from social issues, especially abortion, and concentrate only on fiscal issues. Yeah, how’d that work out fiscally, eh? Taxpayers are STILL on the hook for $500 million a year. Yet, he wanted the GOP to retreat from that Culture War theater completely.  This from 2015 as gays decided to change the culture to their favor:

…And this is EXACTLY how the gay movement made their political gains – by gaming the cultural “system”. This is called “shaping the battlespace” – and folks like Scamman believe that the Right should unilaterally disarm.

The video is further proof of the late Andrew Breitbart’s contention that conservatives often lose on political issues because they are completely outgunned in the culture war. Anyone who wants to reverse the direction of the country’s steady slide into a socialist nightmare should pay very close attention.

So what are we to think of those that are all too willing to cede that ground completely?  I know the term – “losers“.  Perhaps not short term, but as the culture IS being totally turned over underneath traditional American values, which Republicans tout, folks like Scamman, should be seen as long term losers.

And make no mistake:

Brandon Darby’s observation is that the Dems are ALWAYS using social issues to drive and control the culture and thus, drive the political narrative.  Thus, if you aren’t in the Culture, you’re already losing the politics.


The uselessness of the GOP as an ally in fighting the culture wars was widely discussed.

And yet, the GOP got its start AS A SOCIAL ISSUES PARTY – anti-slavery ring your bell, Doug?  “If you will not fight for me, why should I fight for you?  If you will not stand by me and my beliefs, why should I spend my time, talents, and money defending you?”.

SO, back to the title – what part of Stupid does Jim Morgan not get? Yep, thinking that he can call out various people in the Derry GOP in an email is and then think he’ll get elected with no ramifications is, well, rather Stupid. And yet, I’m told he’s not a stupid person. Putting his intentions in that an unsecure email along with his “observations” of who his friends and enemies is just one more further step of Stupid (emphasis mine, reformatted):

From: Jim Morgan <>
Date: Thu, May 7, 2020, 10:12 AM
Subject: New Republican PAC in Derry


I hope you are all doing well and staying safe in these unprecedented times. I would like you to be aware that I am starting a Republican Pac to focus on getting moderate fiscal responsible and community driven Republican State Reps elected this year.

Translation: I don’t see enough RINOS with me with which to make common cause with Democrat [Socialists] and support their agenda! If he gets in, we’ll be watching him and his fellow dilettantes with a very Special kind of eye. What’s wrong with “GOP Agenda driven” there Jim?  And what do you have, in this time when all KINDS of budgets are being blown to bits, with having a conservative outlook in order to be able to pick up the pieces with the least amount of harm to taxpayers? Or is spending more money of other peoples’ money  not an issue. I’ll also take issue with the phrase “moderate fiscal responsible” – that makes NO sense at all.

Or, is this a case of “never letting a crisis going to waste” and argue that today’s bastardized sense of fiscal normal SHOULD be the New Normal (thanks to you)?

I have soft commits on over to $10,000 in donations to put together a slate of people that will better represent Derry as a whole and focus on this community and its needs, both from a tax stand point and an education stand point.

I have the same problem here in my little village – RINOs are all about spending more of other’s peoples’ money for the “sake of the community”. The newest example is a new football stadium, costing around $7 million. Our population is only around 7000 people; do the match. Yeah, the chief proponent, who calls himself a fiscal conservative, we had to spend the money to keep up with the Jonses (the next town over). Sheesh; I let him know what I thought of his idea in trying to make himself feel better.

Yeah, I’m tired with the new emphasis of community first and if seniors and the poor get pushed out of town because of taxes, well, eggs and omelette time again. “Community driven” is just another dodge for spending more money.

The State Reps in the Derry GOP along with some officers on your board lack a team mentality and have their own individual ideas that are not part of a centric goal oriented group of Republicans who work together. David Milz attacking me for something he had no idea what he was talking about last month on social media, failing to apologize,  and now his antics with Coyle to put a Prisoner Transitional Facility in the heart of a residential and school area is moronic and fails to work for the betterment of Derry. <REDACTED>, I believe that you and I have tried to convince these people that there are larger fish to fry and that playing on a team is important and vital to win. David Milz, Kevin Coyle and several others fail to embrace this ideal and instead use their political platforms for their own enjoyment and not to serve the people who elected them.

I will be advertising to seek new candidates for State Rep and embracing some of the current slate to be re-elected. I would expect to have 10 solid candidates that will be provided funding to get elected in the primary and the general election this November.

And la creme de resistance”:

It is unfortunate but I do not feel I can trust working along with the Derry GOP because your other board members are not doing the work for Derry, lack any respect for the work I am trying to do or play by the rules that they make commitments for. Basically they do not care and that isn’t what I want or many voters in Derry Deserve for their representation in Concord.

Best Regards,

Jim Morgan

>> for the work I am trying to do

Yeah, I can well imagine what that would be.

Time, money, and motive. He is the Chair of the Log Cabin Republicans, former Finance Director of the NHGOP under Jeannie Forrester (yeah, that worked out real well, didn’t it?), and is leading the march to water down the current Plank that supports Traditional Marriage and families in the NH GOP Platform. A perfect match for him to go after more conservative GOPers that don’t want to play “on a team” when it just his team they may not want to play on  – especially if they are for Traditional Marriage and keeping that Plank in place. I’m quite sure that are other differences as well but as soon as someone like Jim Morgan says “moderates“, the NH GOP brand may be at risk once again.

There are times that the two Parties can work together but often what happens is that the Democrat Agenda is pushed forward and Republican Agenda and Principles are pushed backwards every time I hear “bipartisanship” on most issues. And for moderate Republicans, that’s a word that’s almost always on their lips.  We here at GraniteGrok have shown that many “Republican moderates” often have worse records in voting in line with NH GOP Platform than Democrats. Why despoil the Brand (e.g., “not a dime’s worth of difference between them”) even more?

CNN did a piece on him for the marriage plank. I read it and if one is to believe what is written, he’s sounds like a reincarnation of Doug Scammon on the social issues: just drop them completely. Cede the battlefield. Let go the social issues (especially the Marriage plank). Concentrate on fiscal issues and getting smaller government.

Hmmpf. Drop fighting on the Culture War. Be moderate fiscally (but he says he’s for smaller Govt).  GET REAL!

Let Democrats use the Culture War to drive Govt bigger and more expensive then? And WHEN, other than Bill O’Brian Speakership, when HAS the NH GOP (or the GOP in general) and its elected politicans ACTUALLY MADE GOVERNMENT SMALLER AND CHEAPER??? Can you give me ONE other instance?

I’m betting that if anyone has some time to kill (hint, hint), I bet a graph of ALL NH spending over time, highlighting the time when the GOP controlled the State, spending still went up.

So what is the strong leg that Jim Morgan believes he can bring?