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GrokPOLL : How Soon Should We Re-Open New Hampshire?


If you ask the folks around here, when should we open New Hampshire, many of them will say, no one had the authority to “close it.” That’s true, but we don’t live there, we live here. And while His Excellency has a plan to slow roll us back, not everyone agrees that’s the best way.

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So, we thought we’d have a completely unscientific poll and here it is.

Share it in your group’s across social media. Tweet it to your friends and Frenemies. Let’s see if we can agree (and disagree) on the timeline for our phoenix-like rebirth or a half-dead creep from a bottomless pit of unemployment slime.

[We have tried to restrict voting by IP which is not perfect but it will have to do.]

The poll ends Friday at midnight. We will post the “official” results Saturday morning. 

How Should We Re-open New Hampshire?