From Russiagate with Love- It's Obamagate - Granite Grok

From Russiagate with Love- It’s Obamagate

Obama Middle Finger

The tables are slowly turning as more documents and transcripts become public. Russiagate is becoming Obamagate. And, ironically, because of the place where this all began. The effort to frame Mike Flynn started the slow roll of Rusian collusion, and Obama knew all about that.

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This discovery seemed inevitable. The degree to which the Intelligence Community was engaged, especially spying on an opposing political campaign (for any reason) and then an elected president, could not have happened with knowledge at the highest levels.

Including things that the White House told the FBI to hide from Trump and his team.

Sydney Powell’s defense of General Flynn has exposed much, and then some. We know for a fact that Obama was looped in on Flynn, which has turned out to be entirely a political hit, against a man Obama had every reason to want Flynn taken off the political chessboard.

He knew too much. 

Here is Tucker Carlson’s has an excellent report on several aspects of this. The flip flops of key players (like Susan Rice, Evelyn Farkas, changing their stories under oath). And Obama coming out of hiding to try to get in front of what could be an ugly next few months for Lightbringer and his inner-circle.

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