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How is the Current Democrat Party NOT the Thing the Women’s Movement Rose to Defeat?

Sex assault, rape, prostitution trafficking

Tara Reade separated from her husband in 1996. Court documents for the divorce include remarks from then-husband Theodore Dronen. She had told him about the sexual assault and about “enduring sexual harassment “in U.S. Senator Joe Biden’s office.”

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“It was obvious that this event had a very traumatic effect on Reade,” the statement by Dronen reads, “and that she is still sensitive and effected by it today.”

This is the latest piece of corroborating evidence of Reade’s account, and one more concrete example of contemporaneous evidence involving someone who was told about the alleged assault around the time that it happened. Reade alleges that Biden sexually assaulted her in his Senate office in 1993 when they were alone, and that she left his employ shortly thereafter.

This is the third piece of corroborating evidence which includes a call-in from Reade’s mother to Larry King (back in the day), and a former neighbor in whom Reade had confided.

In contrast, Christine Blasey Ford had no corroborating statements, and none of her “witnesses” could substantiate any of her claims about either Brett Kavanaugh or the circumstances before which during or after the alleged assault was to have taken place.

The hypocrisy is epic. So, this is not just a Biden problem. It is a Democrat party problem. A challenge for the Democrat Senators and the media (and an entire party) who tried to burn Brett Kavanaugh to the ground over flimsy allegations. But have been distant or indifferent to the plight of Tara Reade, who, until a week or so ago, was still a proud registered Democrat.

She has since left the PartyParty, accepting that the #MeToo and #BeleiveWomen movements, and any claim about being the PartyParty of women, is a smokescreen.

The Democrat Party is, as I have long argued, not the PartyParty of women. It is not even the PartyParty of Democrat women. It is the PartyParty of women who are willing to ignore every single thing the Party claims to stand for if it, in any way, damages their ability to accumulate political power.

It is, therefore, not a party for women at all. It is a party that uses women and tosses them away when they prove troublesome. A party that smears them and tears them down when they refuse to toe their party line. A party whose conduct toward women is one (if not the biggest) reason the women’s liberation movement or feminism began in the first place.

So that woman could be something more than property in the service of institutional power. To be free to have their own mind and their own voice.

Ask any woman who has spoken out against the Democrat agenda or posed a threat to it if that is something the Democrat party stands for, and if you can hear her over the left’s outrage machine, she will tell you no.