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Democrat Clerk Charged With Altering Nearly 200 Mail-In Ballots


This is a story from last year but in the current context more relevant than ever. By which I mean, everyone (on the left) is gaga over vote-by-mail. That thing which even Jimmy Carter agrees is the best hope for vote fraud if you’re interested in committing it.

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And I’m here to tell you that there are people committed to “committing it.” And they also happen (not coincidentally) to be the same people pushing so hard to make it everyone every election every time. That would be Democrats like this one.

Sherikia Hawkins was arraigned Monday in Southfield, Michigan, on six counts related to the 2018 election including forging public documents and misconduct in office and was released on $15,000 bond, according to National Review Online.

“The alleged misconduct was discovered after the Oakland County Clerk’s Office noticed that 193 voter files had been changed to reflect that the voters failed to include a valid signature or return date, when all of the implicated voters had in fact included both items. The county clerk’s office later discovered the original voter files in the trash at the election-division office,” National Review wrote.

She invalidated nearly 200 ballots that were (high probability) votes for Republicans. But don’t worry, vote fraud never happens except when it does

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