Dear Governor Sununu - ENOUGH ALREADY - Granite Grok

Dear Governor Sununu – ENOUGH ALREADY

Enough Already with the government mandates due to COVID19

I understand NH’s governor was put into a position he didn’t ask to be put into. He was essentially between a rock and a hard place.

Governor Sununu, like everyone else, was using the wildly inaccurate models pushed by the CDC and the feds to make decisions. I get it. There was no other information available at the time (I won’t discuss how it was OBVIOUS the models were crap but I digress).

I gave the governor a lot of credit for trying to do the right thing. I don’t think he ever intentionally tried to harm anyone in the state.


We were all told that if we changed our ENTIRE LIVES for a few weeks we would:

1: Not overwhelm the hospitals
2: Save the most vulnerable from death

Okay, I get that. I really do…

BUT when I found out that a majority of people DYING were those we were supposed to PROTECT in nursing homes and LTC facilities is when I finally HAD IT. Not only did these people STILL DIE but they DIED ALONE. ALONE. They weren’t ALLOWED to see their family for their ‘protection’ but THEY STILL DIED.

THEN the OUTRAGEOUS and UNCONSCIONABLE daycare guidelines came out. NOTE: Some day cares have been running without issue this entire time.

The goal posts keep being moved and we’re all just supposed to be obedient proles and just do what we’re told and not DARE QUESTION the governor’s actions.

There are THOUSANDS of people in this state who are being directly HARMED by the decisions of the governor now. We’ll probably never know the FULL DAMAGE done by the choices and decisions he made and is still making.

To save Grandma – who DIED, ALONE, anyway.
To not overwhelm hospitals – who laid off workers and are now financially screwed.