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The Only Way to End the Lockdown is This.


Skip and Steve both have posts up regarding ending the Coronavirus lockdown: A proposal for “unlocking” New Hampshire (which had better be done pretty dang fast) and Governor Sununu – Tear Down This “Wall”.

Skip presents a template for ending the lockdown, which he is calling on the Governor to end … as the title says … “pretty dang fast.” While Steve is willing to give Sununu a few more days to present a plan for lifting the lockdown:

I’m willing to defer to the Governor for a few days for him to tell us he has a plan and what it is. Not because I feel like I need his permission, but to test whether or not he’s more committed to the power he has assumed during this event than he is to the rights of his citizens to be treated like adults who can and should be free to make these decisions for themselves and accept whatever follows from that.

Not me. I’m done. Sununu is drunk with the power he has seized under the guise of fighting the #coronapocalypse that never came and that was never coming:

He is trying to create a national profile for himself:

And that involves going on the rabidly Anti-Trump CNN and taking cheap shots at President Trump:

Sununu … I am convinced … does not want the lockdown to end anytime soon. He obviously enjoys having the spotlight. He thinks it benefits him politically to have the spotlight, while his potential opponents … Feltes and Volinsky … have largely been rendered irrelevant. And … sad to say … I don’t think he believes that it’s that big a deal that we have lost our civil liberties on account of the lockdown … because philosophically he is a big government guy. His main difference with the Democrats is over who gets to run big government.

The Democrat Party also thinks that the lockdown is to their political benefit. And they like the idea of wrecking the economy … because they believe Trump will be blamed.

And nobody in the New Hampshire GOP … with a bully pulpit … either has the balls to break with Sununu on the lockdown or disagrees with Sununu on the lockdown.

And forget about the press (with a few exceptions). They make the State-run media of the old Soviet Union look like rank amateurs.

That leaves one option and one option only for ending the lockdown. WE THE PEOPLE have to end it.

To be clear, I’m not saying that people who are vulnerable to the Coronavirus … the elderly, the immunocompromised, etc. … should just throw caution to the winds. They should continue to take reasonable precautions.

And … to be very clear … I am not calling for riots or violence.

What I am suggesting and hoping is that people start ignoring the lockdown. Parents, send your kids to the playgrounds instead of needlessly and senselessly keeping them locked in the house all day. Barbers, go black market: cut hair in your own homes and go to your customers’ homes to cut hair.  Golf courses set up hidden drop-boxes for players to pay. Etc. etc. etc.

The State is in the hands of a megalomaniac. And the only way to break his grip is to ignore and defy his lockdown.