Govt: curing the disease but ignoring the cost of the cure? - Granite Grok

Govt: curing the disease but ignoring the cost of the cure?

I’m getting to the point that the next time a medical person says that we can’t open our economies until a cure is found because WE DIDN’T ELECT YOU MEDICAL TECHNOCRATS to govern; speak your opinion – that’s your right, but I REFUSE to be governed by your opinion and your opinion only. This is now a multi-dimensional problem and you’re only yammering about one aspect of it.

Like it or not, you’re advocating for that old Viet Name meme of “To save the village, we had to burn it down”; the Viet Cong escaped and the villagers were even more poverty-stricken than before. That’s what they and the politicians that have been freed from any restrictions or strictures by their “Emergency Executive Orders” are tasting Raw Power for the first time in their political lives, are doing. No, they don’t care about the ramifications.  Why?

They can make decisions and not be responsible for the results. Not one whit.

And if you aren’t PERSONALLY responsible for the outcomes, you don’t care what your policies do to others. Like this:

Govt saved us - living on Skid Row

What WILL Governors then say to those that were formerly self-reliant and self-sufficient?  Thank you for your service to the Greater Good; sorry about being collateral damage?

IF the IHME model is correct (and we know it hasn’t been but if it was 10 times the 70 predicted deaths by Aug 4),  will the results of the cure end up being worse than the disease itself? Where most of the seventy deaths were located in old age / nursing homes rather than in the general population? That 0.005% of the population. Go back to the 700 number: that’s 0.05%. Are you really willing to hold an entire State economically hostage for that many people, or for the Southeastern part of the State where the REAL problem is?

Governor Sununu, are those numbers to justify such a radical, Leftist-leaning total control of Society? Don’t start with the worn out platitude of “every life is precious” – we know and understand that. We also know that there will be far MORE than 70, 700, 7000, or even 70,000 lives severely impacted – or even totally ruined from an economic outlook. Why the continued pandering and use of the Left’s Equal Misery for ALL in insisting that one-size-fits-all is the only “solution” (or better, a holding pattern, which is squeezing our economic lives)?

Why keep mouthing the words – just stand up and MAKE THE DECISIONS instead of delaying tactics. We’re adults, we can make decisions ourselves (and that is what is most resentful – you won’t let us).

And you can’t continue to just concentrate on the medical without continuing to kill us by not aggressively fixing the economic. And no, simply telling people to sign up for unemployment is not a “fix” especially when Govt isn’t working for many in this regard.  Government caused this disaster economically but it sure can’t fix it – the economy doesn’t belong to Government.

Government can hinder it (via laws and regulations) and it can certainly shut it down (as you have), but it can’t run it, engineer it (and having been one, right?  RIGHT? You should know better), and can’t manage it better than the folks that engage in 100s of economic decisions, in real time, every single day in their own specific areas of expertise.

Open NH’s economy by not holding the reigns yourself but to hand them back to the rightful owners -> we citizens.

Stop continuing to make a mockery of our State’s elegant (the engineer’s definition of “elegant”) motto -> Life Free or Die.

It isn’t just a platitude; it is an ethos.

(H/T: Powerline)