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Getting “A Roundtuit” – Bernie Sanders Dropped Out; Biden Needs a VP – Who Might that Be?


The big news yesterday barely made a blip given the other issues of the day. Bernie Sanders, whom we’ve heard very little from since Candidate Corona V Irus took the stage, has ended his latest effort to secure the Democrat party nomination for President.

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This means several things, the least important of which, is I picked the correct stooge. I predicted Biden’s victory last October. A position I even I challenged when the Fake Ukraine Whistleblower news tsunami almost blew team Biden out of the nomination race. But the dopey Democrats proved me right. Biden, despite a growing list of negatives, was the only candidate the base felt certain had any chance of defeating Trump.

Bernie, seeing the forest for the tree huggers, and how far behind he is in delegates, has put his eggs in Biden’s broken basket.

Justice, if you missed that day in Democrat school, means political power. The centralization of force in the hands of “experts.” The sort who follow the models that are so wrong a drunk toddler with a crayon could do a better job, for a few trillion less, I’d add.

Governments are bad at nearly everything except stealing property and redistributing it to those who will help keep them in power. It can’t do charity or compassion or love because the first act that precedes the presumption that this is the motivation for these actions is to take something someone else legally earned. To deny them the value or choices they might make with those resources.

Sanders, a true socialist, uses words like Justice as triggers. Who but the state can see to the needs of everyone? Which put more accurately is to impose the will of the hammer in a world where everything looks like a nail.

Sanders will push for Biden to move further left. Biden’s mind, or what’s left of it, won’t be able to decide much on its own so he will need advisors to tell him what he believes which he will then fail to articulate because he is no longer capable of that. Someone will need to prop him up and leads to my other prediction, which I hope does not come true but probably will.

Hillary Clinton will be his VP until she orchestrates his exit from the either the campaign (post nomination) or the office should they manage to win (lord help us). It won’t be difficult. Joe is mentally incapacitated now. His candidacy is just a mule for whomever the DNC decides they want to run the country. And I can’t imagine anyone who wants it more than Hillary Clinton.

Here’s to hoping I am mistaken.