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Democrat Depression Is a Partisan Political Tactic

Democrat Depression Is a Partisan Political Tactic

The Donkey Party is actively seeking to plunge the country into an economic tailspin. They do wish to maintain some level of plausible deniability of the point. That is important to their credulous suckers. They believe your poverty and misery serves them well.

The Democrat plan

They are shilling for the Chinese Communist Party. At the same time, they are delaying needed assistance to keep America working. They are blocking the re-opening of America. Generally, they are trying to lock us in the dark forever. They believe your poverty and misery is their friend.

It’s fair to assume that you intend the expected consequences of the actions you take. The consequence of the actions the Democrats are taking is economic ruin. The fact is they’re good with bringing economic ruin if that is what gets them back into power.

The Democrats are never ones to let a good crisis go to waste. The coronavirus is a very good crisis. If your goal is leftist hegemony the response could not be much better. The American economy was booming after eight years of doldrums. People were getting a taste of prosperity.

The dream team… communists and socialists

A happy, prosperous America is something the Democrats can’t abide. There’s not enough fear. All the Democrats had to sell were recycled cries of “RACISM!” and “RUSSIA!” Their standard-bearer was that sinewy weirdo from Vermont. His platform is promising to drag us all back to the globalist failure. The future looked grim for the Donkeys, meaning it actually was looking bright for the rest of us.

Enter the Chinese coronavirus was a dream. Finally, after an endless series of leaks, impeachments, investigations, and media meltdowns… Finally, a magic bullet might actually take Trump down. The Democrats are exploiting the pandemic for their own partisan political advantage. Everything they are doing is consistent with that… everything.

Perhaps individually some of them might not articulate the desire to kill tens of thousands of Americans. But most do favor killing. Think of what they support, abortion, euthanasia, infanticide… Many absolutely do want all conservatives to die. Their attitude appears to be: If life gives you tens of thousands of dead Americans, well, make political lemonade.

We are in an economic war: Know that

Absolutely no one believes the Democrats are not going to wring from this “crisis” everything negative they can to drop on President Trump. If harm comes to others, too bad, so sad… suck it up and move on. The Democrat leadership is cunning enough to try to hide it.

Unfortunately, some, like AOC, will bray it out loud. Donkey leader AOC did exactly that when the oil crash hit. She was positively giddy. Millions more Americans were facing destitution. But even she was aware enough to eventually understand it was a bad look. She has done a deletion of her hi-five tweet.

The Democrats are the party of making things worse. Pelosi has Congress out of session. It is more important to go schmoozing with a late-night TV hack. She does a skit before the backdrop of her rich lady fridges. $24,000 for fridges… This while millions of small businesses are being ground into dust. They are waiting for her to allow the empty replenishment of the PPP fund.

The Speaker’s plan

Every day she delays more Americans out of a job. More than 22 million with more to come. This is Great Depression-level stuff. But the Speaker is in no hurry. Only when her minions began squealing did the socialist sloth, began to act.

She intends to kill off as many jobs and small businesses as possible. If you got canned last week, thank the Speaker, thank Jeanne Shaheen, thank Maggie Hassan, thank Chris Pappas, and thank Annie Kuster.

The Democrats want to slow-walk the reopening too. They are an urban party. Those cramped cities are going to take a while to recover. But out in the fresh, clean open spaces, there’s no need for this continued lockdown nonsense.

The Democrats, aided and abetted by the media, are demanding one size fits all treatment. Every place must be treated like the worst place. We’re terrible monsters for wanting to go back to work and not go bankrupt.

The premise

The scheme is to leverage the crisis to keep these Trump-friendly areas down as long as possible. Do as much damage as possible to POTUS and his re-election chances as possible. Add the blizzard of lies from the media. They are blaming Trump for not taking a break from the bogus impeachment charade.

Oh! There was no lockdown of the country back before we actually had any cases… at all. Bias anyone? Their strategy is clear. Use the pandemic as a weapon. This means the worse we’re hit, the better off they believe their partisan political position to be.

What started out as prudent, temporary measures. It was originally based on expert input and largely voluntary commonsense compliance has morphed. It has become a cudgel to club the economy like a baby seal.

The Democrat leadership wants to slip that senile puppet Uncle Joe into the Oval Office. Their premise the dual lies: This is all somehow Trump’s fault. And the Democrats will not make things much, much worse. Both of which are wildly wrong.

If it takes killing America so Democrats can gain power they are good with that. Are you?

The Democrats seek to ratchet up the pain for cheap political advantage. They’ve trashed and undermined the president. The Democrats have parroted the Communist Chinese Party and the WHO which shills for China. They’ve fought tooth and nail against the aid small businesses need. They’ve been the #resistance to reopening America.

Actions speak louder than words. The Democrats’ actions scream, “Your family’s security being destroyed is a small price to pay for us regaining power.” If the Democrats wreck the economy they hope they can create the conditions for a socialist America. The Democrat depression is a partisan political tactic.