Working the Grift: Beaches That "Experts" Told Us Would Be Gone in 2020 Will Really Be Gone by 2100 - Granite Grok

Working the Grift: Beaches That “Experts” Told Us Would Be Gone in 2020 Will Really Be Gone by 2100

Agencies and experts have something in common. Ensuring their relevance. You can’t justify the current budget or next year’s bigger budget if you can’t make that work seem necessary. Outside of public schools, no one does this better than Climate experts.

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Public schools, with the help of unions, school boards, and an entire political party do with education what climate cultists (and the same political party) do with the weather. Scare you into believing that the only cure for what they claim ails you is more of your money in their pockets.

Educrats insist that any budget cuts will result in stoopid Students while cranking out increasingly dumber children despite higher annual budgets. Smaller classes (meaning more teachers), increased oversight (administration and staff), more infrastructure (to teach fewer students), and fatter paychecks equal declining outcomes. The solution? We need more money. If you dare to contradict this thinking you hate children, or learning, or teachers, single moms, poor people, or minorities, you racist!

Climate Alarmists do the same thing. They predict catastrophes will occur some number of years in the future to scare up funding. The funding provides the means for more scaremongering. The shamans and witchdoctors scare people with old climate wives tales and other superstitions to finance their free ride. And when nothing happens then spin them anew.

One recurring example is sea-level rise and disappearing beaches. The new red line for beaches is 2100 even though the old red line was 2020. What happened? It’s 2020 and all the beaches are still there. But the cult is still working the grift and the media is playing along because it works their grift as well. Crisis keeps them in business. And business is good.

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