WMUR Fake-Reporter (and Democrat Mouthpiece) Calls the Born-Alive Bill an “Anti-Abortion Bill” - Granite Grok

WMUR Fake-Reporter (and Democrat Mouthpiece) Calls the Born-Alive Bill an “Anti-Abortion Bill”


One of the so-called “tough anti-abortion bills” is Senator Ben Sasse’s Born Alive Abortion-Survivors Protection Act. It has nothing to do with preventing abortions:

“There’s nothing in the bill that’s about abortion,” Sasse added. “Nothing! It’s about infanticide. That’s the actual legislation. And you’ve got 44 people over there that want to hide from it, and talk in euphemisms about abortion, because they don’t want to defend the indefensible.”

DiStaso … arguably the FAKEST of New Hampshire’s #FakeNews … the man who Ray Buckley called his “go to guy” (per Steve Vaillancourt) … engages in the same euphemisms that Shaheen and the Senate Democrats use to normalize infanticide.

A coincidence? Of course NOT. It happens over and over and over again. DiStaso in his “article” also repeats Shaheen’s disingenuous argument … fair to call it propaganda … that the Born Alive act is unnecessary:

“Contrary to claims by proponents of this bill, infanticide is already illegal under federal law and this legislation would do nothing but add medical uncertainty into the laws that are already on the books that outlaw infanticide,” according to a statement issued by Shaheen and Hassan’s offices.

Here is Senator Sasse’s response, which of course did NOT make it into DiStaso’s article:

Jeannie Shaheen’s support for passive-infanticide is depraved and her claim that passive-infanticide is already illegal under federal law is untrue.

Yeah, DiStaso’s article contains a few quotes from Republicans. But nowhere does he make clear that Shaheen is supporting the killing of newborns through deliberate neglect … or that passive-infanticide is NOT already illegal under federal law. It’s only the appearance of balance, which makes it even more clear that DiStaso is a Democrat mouthpiece not a real reporter.