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The N.H. Democrat Party Employs Some of the Most Vile and Dishonest People Imaginable

So … on March 20th the Huffington Post ran a hit-piece on Governor Sununu … implying FALSELY that Sununu believes that the ChineseCoronaVirus is no more lethal than the flu. Here’s a tweet by the author, plugging her work:

Terkel, however, presents no evidence that Sununu believes ChineseCoronaVirus and the flu have the same mortality rate. In fact, Sununu is quoted as saying ChineseCoronaVirus is TWENTY-TIMES MORE LETHAL than the flu:

“Once you get it ― you remember 98% of the people that get it are going to get better. And we’re going to have the flu. And then you’re going to be immune to it,” Sununu said in a radio interview on WRKO Friday. “So there is an end game here to be sure.”

So Sununu is explicitly saying that the mortality rate from ChineseCoronavirus is 2%, not the flu’s .1%

(As a parenthetical, the mortality rate is now closer to 1% than 2%. To recap: we were initially told that ChineseCoronaVirus was 34-times (3.4% mortality) more lethal than the flu. That ratio is now down to 10-times (1% mortality) as more people have gotten tested. It is likely to continue to drop. By way of perspective, using the 10-times ratio: statistically 999 out of 1,000 people survive the flu while 990 out of 1,000 people survive ChineseCoronavirus.)

Any reasonable person would understand that to the extent that Sununu was equating #ChineseCoronavirus and the flu, it was respect to symptoms or time off from work. For example:

“The good news is, is that when you go on quarantine or God forbid, you should even get the virus, it’s about a two-week period, right? Either you’re going to have the flu for a couple of weeks. You’re going to be off for a couple of weeks. It’s not months, and months and months,” he said, again trying to downplay the disease’s severity. “So it is something that is very likely manageable from a financial standpoint.”

What Sununu is saying is that, for the vast majority of people, getting ChineseCoronavirus will be like getting the flu. This is unarguable. The symptoms are the same and the recovery time are the same.

Also note the last four quoted words: “from a financial standpoint.” There can and should be no question that Sununu is referring to the economic impact on an individual required to self-isolate because of ChineseCoronaVirus. No reasonable person could read this as Huffington Post wants you to read it: “you have no more chance of dying from ChineseCoronavirus than you have from the flu.”

(Another parenthetical: I disagree with Sununu to the extent that he is saying the economic effect of ChineseCoronavirus will be the same as the flu. The government does not shut down the economy and throw us into a depression in response to the flu.)

But, as you can see from Terkel’s tweet, she implied to her 100,000-plus followers that Sununu believes that the ChineseCoronavirus is not “far more lethal” than the flu.

Note the time of Terkel’s tweet: 4:27 PM. Less than 30 minutes later, Michael Beyer, an employee of the N.H. Democrat Party (#BeyerTheLiar) was tweeting this:

If gambling were legal in New Hampshire, I would bet #BeyerTheLiar fed the hit-piece to Terkel and perhaps even ghost-wrote it.

And, as is their pattern, the rest of the goose-stepping Buckley-Youth also immediately piled on … because if people hear the lie often enough they’ll believe it’ the truth. For example:

The New Hampshire Democrat Party employs and attracts some of the most vile and dishonest people imaginable.