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Sunshine Week Should Be About Government and Media Transparency

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March 15th to March 21st is Sunshine week. It is an annual affair designed to focus on protecting, expanding, ensuring transparency from the American Government. An ideal we live for and work to protect. But what about media transparency?

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While it is critical that we encourage the media to hold the government accountable is it not more important that the people be encouraged to hold the media accountable? 

Now, more than ever

We could plumb the past few years and find a wealth of disingenuous, dishonest reporting. Outright fabrications, deceptive editing, and story selection demonstrate a deliberate program to hide the truth from the light. And the results would be extensive, but we need not look further back than the past week.

Major media outlets in multiple mediums are pushing edited quotes for partisan purposes. Lying about the state of the nation’s response to a crisis. A panic they have yet to take credit for creating.

In other words, where’s the sunshine week for that?

We stand up and say hey, we need the press to hold the government to account. No, we need a press that will work harder to be unbiased than it does to sell one party’s narratives. That peddle opinion as journalism while feigning objectivity.

This is the point at which some in our audience will say, you guys are all a bunch of partisan right-wingers. You’re damn right we are but we don’t hide that, we celebrate it. It’s right here in our ‘About’ Page.

We are your feared … Fire-breathing, extremist, right-wing, hard-charging, gun-toting, opinionated, outspoken, rabble-rousing, Letter-writing, radio microphone stomping, buying ink electrons by the barrel Conservatives and Rational Libertarians!

We take on all Progressives/Liberals/Moderates/ Squishy Republicans and fly to the aid of rock-ribbed freedom-loving and liberty seeking/leaning folk anywhere!

We are those that are striking fear into the hearts of Democrats, Progressives (in any Party), and Socialists everywhere in NH. After all, none of them DARE to take us on, mano-y-mano in the blogosphere or radio land or any other place in any debate anywhere. As with fabled Texas Rangers of old (1 mob – 1 Ranger): we’re just ordinary schlubs in New Hampsha vs the whole of the NH Dem/Progressive Party – no contest!

Any questions? Probably not. We take on leftists, their ideas and their media no matter what the party registration. Politicians, activists, and the supposed fourth estate. The peddlers of media. local or corporate.

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It’s sunshine week but we do this every week. We do it for free but if you are so inclined we accept donations year-round to pay for the server fees, monitoring, bandwidth upgrades, security, and actual web site. We also use your hard-earned dollars on equipment and upkeep to make sure that can find and share stories in a timely manner all day, every day.

Stories the media often ignore. And quite often, stories about the media. 

Because Sunshine Week shouldn’t just be about government transparency.


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