Twitter Search Reveals the Majority of "unbiased" Journalists are Further Left than Bernie Sanders - Granite Grok

Twitter Search Reveals the Majority of “unbiased” Journalists are Further Left than Bernie Sanders


Some of you suspected. Most of you, at least among our regular readers, already knew. But we’ve got more confirmation. America’s so-called watch-dog media is a mass of partisan liberal swill. 

Smile. Pat yourselves on the back. You were right. Or, maybe I mean Left.


Based on this reporting Twitter is already decidedly left-leaning.  Look how far over the average twitter user is from Pierre Delecto Mitt Romney. And should we be surprised that the median “Senate Republican” is to his left?

I’m beginning to think there’s something wrong with this report. But then, it is based on what people tweet or retweet. And John Sexton never asks these questions in his reporting of the research.

The issue is that most journalists act like socialists, at least on Twitter.

The researchers did attempt (poorly) to prove that despite this obvious bias it did not color their day jobs. I think we can say without pause that this is false. Modern Newsrooms cherry-pick stories and angles with bias in excess. Anyone who has paid any attention can see it. 

The storylines they push and the opinions they promote in the age of Trump come from the left and have consistently turned out to be false. Not just a few stories, but years of non-stop wall-to-wall coverage has been completely debunked, disproven, and burned on the trash-heap of fake news history.

The endless parade of “we have you now” stories gleefully promoted by the press. All journalistic failures.

Then there are the endless connections between the Democrats, their donors, and powerful folks overseas. The vast amount of money changing hands, much of it through circuitous wire transfers and shell companies. Stories that could make an investigative journalist’s career if they took an interest.

The don’t.

Heck, the House impeachment trial was ripe with opportunity for unbiased reporting. It didn’t happen.

So, the most accurate way to determine that would be to take the news they reported as fact, the number of times, and then what happened when it turned out to be rubbish. There are easily 100 examples since Donald Trump won the nomination in 2016. More likely thousands.

If you plotted it out on a graph it would look a lot like the graph above. And let’s be clear. That’s fine if they are admitting upfront to that bias. Everyone has a bias. Bias is not a problem. Lying about how you are not biased is.

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