So-Called 'Businessman' Tom Steyer's 'Presidential' Investment one of the Worst In History - Granite Grok

So-Called ‘Businessman’ Tom Steyer’s ‘Presidential’ Investment one of the Worst In History

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Tom Steyer made a lot of money investing in dirty coal. So, we’d be right to wonder about his phoenix-like transformation to renewable energy. What we do not need to doubt is his poor investing when it comes to political campaigns.

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Steyer may have set a record for the worst ROI of any campaign in presidential political history.

Jeb Bush learned a similar lesson in 2016 though he was spending other people’s money. You need cash to compete but you can’t buy support. Bush had 100 million in Super PAC support and came up empty early after which he decided that it was time to get money out of politics. As I noted at the time, Jeb! Bush Opposes Money as Speech, Probably Because It Didn’t Work for Him.

Steyer, who has not made that leap quite yet, won’t blink at the fortune he wasted. Close to $300 million before he dropped out. Almost all of it his own.

What did the Democrat’s business candidate get as a return on his “investment“?

“83,000 votes (which) comes to an astonishing $3,373 per vote. His $280 million for one delegate is without precedent.

It’s not all that surprising, he is after all the Climate candidates. The Global Warming fraud is one of the few things into which more money has been invested for less return that the Steyer for President campaign. The difference, of course, is that Steyer wasted his own money on a ridiculous vanity quest. The Green scheme is wasting ours.

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