Quick Thought - The Fix is officially in by the DNC. Break out the popcorn! - Granite Grok

Quick Thought – The Fix is officially in by the DNC. Break out the popcorn!


With Steve reporting that Amy Klobuchar has hung up her Prez Wannabee campaign sneakers, what was in the background is now in the open. The question imperative is WHY did both Buttigieg and Klobuchar line up behind Biden and not Bernie?

Especially Buttigieg – with his earlier thesis praising Bernie on ideological points, his articulation of his stances just a SMIDGE to the right of Bernie, one would have thought he would have ridden that horse in the VP stakes, eh? Given his aspiration of being Prez, if you can’t get there first, why not second?  Look every single one of the Democrats still running for President:

  • Joe Biden – 78
  • Michael Bloomberg – 78
  • Bernie Sanders – 79
  • Elizabeth Warren – 70

Let me be blunt – all the guys are past the literal expiration date due to life expectancy of males in the US.  What better way for Mayor Pete?  Sure, I’m being a bit morbid here, but the purpose of being a VP is to replace POTUS? And he’d now have “more flexibility” (as Obama is famous for saying) to be open about his stances.  So why Biden support?

Similarly, why has Klobuchar done the same thing?  While she has been trying to portray herself as “the Minnesota nice gal”, she isn’t as nice as the PR perceptions would have us believe. She’s also been pushed as being more moderate than Bernie and she put separation between her and Buttigieg, but she really is standing in solidarity in ideology with him and Bernie. So why the Biden support?

At least with Klobuchar, her faux PR stance trying to be moderate would put her more in line with Biden than Bernie even as Bernie is more likely her political heart’s delight.

So, would they be even on the short list? Since Bernie is, once again, being bulldozed into the political ditch, would the Bernie Bros even consider moving a tad right with their votes in hope that POTUS #2 would tack Left? Or will they be like last cycle (and the Ron Paul devotees before that when he got railroaded) and just sit down and sit out?

And where does this leave Elizabeth Warren – and failed Georgia Governor Stacy Adams who seems to be actively campaigning for for Veep?

The DNC – has made it clear that this march to the Left has been too much too quick again.  I’m curious how they believe they can corral this move to Socialism / Communism now that Nancy Pelosi has said that she’d be fine with Sanders as the nominee? And do they really think that Gaffe-o-matic Biden, who can’t even remember what state he’s in (several times now), can “unite” such a splintered Party? If the Play is to go back to Blue Dog Dem area, how are they going to convince the Red Marxists to go along for the ride?

And who says politics is boring? As well as nerve-wracking?