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Palate Cleanser – Snoopy flies!

Snoopy takes off

I think you have to be of a certain age to remember and appreciate the Charlie Brown cartoons.  One has to really be familiar with the meme of Snoopy fighting the Red Baron. Well, someone does and decided to make the four-footed member of the gang really fly on his doghouse.

The flying Snoopy doghouse is a remote-controlled quadcopter. It was created by FlyGuyPromotions, a company that designs and creates flying aerial images. Some of their bestselling creations include the Superman-inspired Flyguy 62 and the RTF Witch. Of course, flying superheroes and witches are obvious ideas for aerial images. But their latest creation, based from The Peanuts Movie, is something we’d never expect to see.

(H/T: Awesome Inventions)