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Man Dies from Drinking Aquarium Cleaner, Media Blames Trump

The media is responsible for the non-stop wall-to-wall panic that inspired a couple to ingest fish tank cleaning chemicals that happen to have chloroquine phosphate in them and that’s Donald Trump’s fault?

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I only bring it up because you’ll be seeing this everywhere if you have not encountered it already. To synopsize

THEY did not have coronavirus
THEY did not take the medication mentioned
THEY never got a prescription
THEY did not consult a doctor
THEY found a random chemical in their pantry
THEY self-administered this product
THEY took a dosage in excess of that used in treatments
TRUMP is entirely to blame for these poisonings

He’s not, and that’s obvious, but the same Democrats that created the panic to destroy the economy, because they are okay with you suffering if they win, are blaming the President for this tragedy even though it is their fearmongering that leads to the Democrat-level thinking: Aquarium cleaning chemicals, yeah, I can drink that.

And they did, and one of them is dead. The other is still in the ICU.

The entire media response is summarized nicely here.


Fish tank chemical tweet


As for proper testing, BuzzFeed is correct on this point: fish tank cleaning chemicals have not been properly tested for the treatment of anything but dirty fish tanks

The sort of chloroquine mentioned in passing by the President, who has asked the FDA to approve it formally for alternate use, has been extensively tested and used successfully to reduce symptom severity and speed the recovery of persons infected with the Chines Flu, as direct and prescribed by licensed physicians in hospitals across the globe.

Eating Tide Pods can be lethal, as is the Bird Box Challenge, and a number of other stupid things people have done recently (like Spring Break 2020).

One final reminder.

Have you ever heard the saying ‘the dose makes the poison?‘ It’s the basis behind the science of exposure to anything and everything.

In the right does, almost anything can harm us. But understanding exposure rates and physiology, with an unbiased eye at the science we can live in and around all manner of useful things without incident.

Except perhaps for network or cable news, which has become increasingly toxic in smaller and smaller doses and should be avoided at every opportunity.

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