Does the Bird Box Challenge Make Eating Tide-Pods “Look” Like A Good Idea?

Bird Box Challenge car crash in Utah

Bird box has received critical acclaim though my daughter insists it is a rip-off of A Quiet Place. I’m inclined to believe the reverse. The book Bird box has been out for over four years. A Quiet Place came after. And to the best of my knowledge, no Teenagers are trying to be silent to avoid being killed by creatures that hunt by sound. Unless by killed they mean their lifestyle, and by creatures they mean their parents.

Bird Box, on the other hand, is about a family plagued by a different sort of post-apocalyptic create. One that kills you if you see it. That explains the blindfolds and the trying to go about the task of living without looking at what you are doing. Something a teenager in Utah attempted while driving.

The Layton City Police Department tweeted Friday that the crash caused no injuries. The department warned drivers not to participate in the viral challenge, in which people move around while wearing blindfolds, a reference to the Netflix film “Bird Box.”

“Bird Box Challenge while driving…predictable result,” the department’s tweet said.

What did Forrest Gump say? Stupid is as stupid does. 

It reminds us that not long ago there was a Tide pod challenge. That was dangerous but poisoning yourself doesn’t typically put others in imminent danger.  At last count, the CDC had received 89 reports of teens biting detergent pods. No deaths.

Driving blindfolded poses a real public safety threat. But as far as we know, we’ve only got one bird box related car accident – no injuries.

Electing Democrats is more dangerous. 

Hey, with 2020 coming maybe we can convince young voters (or all voters) to try the Liberty challenge? Living without the intrusive nanny-state government or its progressive overlords?

That’s actually safer than doing nothing.