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Janice “so” Rottenberg

Out of state voters

While perusing the list of 2020 campaign staff Senator Elizabeth Warren hired to help her satisfy her ego and, thankfully, tank Commie Bernie, I found a familiar name: Janice “So” Rottenburg. Our old pal from a “mobile domicile” in Nashua, circa 2012.

Here is her politicking history:

State Director Janice Rottenberg

(reported on Warren’s team by CNN on Jan. 2, 2019; reported as state director by DMR on Feb. 7, 2019) Directed the Iowa Democratic Party’s 2018 Coordinated Campaign.  Organizing director for Ohio Democrats’ Coordinated Campaign (Ohio Together), April-Nov. 2016; started on the Clinton campaign in April 2015 as regional organizing director in Iowa City on the Iowa Caucus campaign, then served as Minnesota organizing director and Washington Caucus director.  Iowa Democratic Party Coordinated Campaign field director, March-Nov. 2014.  A regional field director on Terry McAuliffe for Governor (VA), Jan.-Nov. 2013.  Regional field director in Nashua for Organizing for America-NH, Jan.-Nov. 2012.  Field organizer for Obama in the Cincinnati area, June-Nov. 2008; started on the campaign as a fellow.  B.A. in political science from University of Pennsylvania, 2011.

Once you see who The Coalition of NH Taxpayers has outed as a vote thief over the last 20 years you can understand why there is never a serious investigation or prosecution. Our politically active AG’s Office – Elections Division, wants no part of hurting highly placed Democrats.

So for Janice, Geoff Wetrosky, Carl Gibson, Jared Steven Cram, Michsel LeSean Lewis, Martha Fuller-Clark’s Voter Fraud Motel, The Deerfield AmeriCorps 19, and dozens of other professional campaign workers who stain our elections in New Hampshire – there is at least street justice.

Welcome to the updated list!

If Bill Gardner would simply release the list of 5,313 non-citizens who voted in 2016 CNHT could check that for campaign professionals.

But no. The public’s Right to Know doesn’t cover non-citizen voters.