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Dismantling the Leviathan and Restoring the American Dream

Dismantling the Leviathan and Restoring the American Dream.

There is a struggle going on because Trump is dismantling the Leviathan and restoring the American dream.   It often doesn’t seem that way listening to the media. Our media, academia and many in politics serially violate traditional, classic liberal standards. They have an obsession over Trump’s blunt personality, lack of verbal sophistication and “nuance.”  This is, more often than not, a device for disguising their failure of conviction and nerve.

COVEFE-16 virus

If left unchecked until November, COVEFE-16 will further the destruction of America’s Constitutional order.  The Founders created a limited central government. Its primary aims were two: First, there is the protection of individual political freedom.  Second is the protection of the states against the tyranny of the majority or minority rule.

The vision of progressives is very different.  Progressives intend the concentration and expansion of federal power. They mean to accomplish this through government agencies and bureaus. The bureaucracy is staffed with “experts” beyond accountability to the people. Progressives seek to redefine the American people in their own image and likeness.

Progressives intend to end our regional and cultural diversity. They plan to force us into becoming homogeneous mass with uniform interests. You see, it is easier for a powerful central government to serve one homogeneous constituency… which will, in the end, be itself. It kind of kills two birds with one stone. They no longer have to listen to the people and they can do whatever they want.

Progress isn’t necessarily quick and can be ephemeral

For over a century America has been transforming into just that. She has become an ever more intrusive and redistributionist federal Leviathan. Progressivism is the “one” getting nourishment from politicians of both parties. Trump has dismantled some of its infrastructure.

Most importantly he has gone after bloated federal agencies. He is reducing their myriad regulations. Trump is eroding their autonomy.  He is returning the freedom of individuals, civil society, and the states.

Importantly, he has been loath to attack the mechanism of redistribution. But perhaps something must be left for a second term. He is discrediting and humiliating the political correctness of the “managerial elite.” That is what progressives rely on to demonize and censor dissent. Trump is restoring the diversity of opinion and thought.  That is the bedrock upon which our political freedom relies.

He’s not from D.C.

His outsider status and blunt manner he shares with millions of Americans. Most of those Americans do not live in the Northeast Corridor between Washington, D.C., and Boston. The uni-party area includes not only the northeast but also the bi-coastal technocratic cocoons. Trump is discrediting the elites’ pretension to superiority. This is being done by incitement of hysterical, mendacious, and excessive attacks on him personally.

The Progressives are desperate.  Their desperation has driven them to embrace socialist policies. Socialist policies are destructive to the public treasury and personal freedom.  The Democrats are settling on two candidates who are perhaps the worst presidential contenders in a century.

New ideas and leadership from a pair of 78 year olds?

One is a cranky village explainer. His ignorance and rationalization of simple math and socialism’s blood-stained record are sophomoric. The other is a corrupt career politician of limited achievement and intelligence.  This person is now obviously diminishing further as evidenced by noticeable cognitive dysfunctions.

By any reasonable calculation, neither of these incompetent buffoons should become president. We do not, however, live in sane times. Our country’s major institutions are dominated by bad ideas and utopian policies.  This is true in media; education, politics, and culture.

An illiterate peasant in 1800 would know are these things are dangerous fantasies. Unforeseen events like the coronavirus, or an extended economic downturn can cause disruptions. Disruptions can make such bad ideas appear attractive. This makes America’s position all the more precarious.

Which side are you on?

The coronavirus should peak by May. The news-cycle will then turn to the next shiny object.  But the COVEFE-16 virus is a political bubonic plague. Left unchecked it may bring a halt to the last four years of resistance against the technocratic tyranny. That virus is the one that should concern us.

It is vastly more dangerous and lethal to the American people and the American dream than coronavirus.  There is a struggle going on because Trump is dismantling the Leviathan and restoring the American dream. Which side are you on boy? Which side are you on?