Ukrainian Prosecutor Files 'Abuse of Power' Complaint Against...Joe Biden - Granite Grok

Ukrainian Prosecutor Files ‘Abuse of Power’ Complaint Against…Joe Biden

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Biden openly admitted his quid pro quo. Fire the prosecutor investigating corruption at the company on whose board Joe’s son sits or you don’t get one billion dollars. Ukraine fired him to get the money. And now the prosecutor, Viktor Shokin, is accusing Biden of Abuse of Power.

French media outlet, Les Crises reported last week that Shokin has filed a federal complaint with Ukraine’s National Bureau of Investigation (NABU) which accuses Biden of abusing his power. According to PJ Media, this report has been confirmed by multiple sources.

There’s a lot to read at the link. Plenty of corruption. Multiple sources. And hey, Biden admitted to what he did on video. Will anything come of it? Will Ukraine bring formal charges against Joe Biden? Will the Burisma Corruption scandal finally stick to US Democrats? Will the myriad other US influenced operations by Democrats under Obama that include Ukraine and perhaps even Iranian cover-ups come to light?

Don’t hold your breath, but the water is piling up against the dam. If the media and Democrats decide Biden is more of a liability than an asset, they may try to quietly retire Joe into a pasture somewhere.

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