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Transmigrant – I Feel like I’m American but was Born in a Third World Person’s Body


This is more tongue and cheek, but maybe not. Whoever thought they’d be demanding that men play in women’s sports or use their bathrooms? So, here it is. What if someone feels like they are European or American but were born in a third world person’s body?

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Transmigrant has a definition. People who travel through a country on their way to a final destination. But that seems tedious and unworkable because of Trump. He’s got Mexico stopping migrants and deporting “transmigrants” back to their countries of origin.

The solution to this problem is to invent a right and then call everyone a bigot for refusing to accept it. So, transmigrant could take on a new meaning.

Someone who believes they are French, German, Italian, Greek, Canadian, or American, but they are trapped in the body of someone from Sudan, Syria, anywhere else on the planet that is not a Western-Style Democracy or Republic.

This would make almost all immigration policy a violation of global human rights and the globalists could make a stink about whomever they thought they could pressure into abandoning state sovereignty.

That’s crazy talk, Steve. Right. Yeah. No, it’s not. Not really. Not at all. But it only matters if you don’t have someone in the Oval Office or in Congress who has some backbone. That’s a shortlist planet-wide at the top of which stands Donald J. Trump.