Socialism Inevitably Leads to Absolute Rule by Elites - Granite Grok

Socialism Inevitably Leads to Absolute Rule by Elites


Can anyone be more self-deluded than those who refuse to learn from history? Even when facts are right before them, they insist on denying them. Consider ANTIFA, supposedly against fascism, yet they employ the exact tactics of the Nazi SA (Brown Shirts) did in Germany.

Whether you call them Fascist or Communist, they are totalitarian without a nickels’ worth of difference in how they affect regular people.

Socialism follows the same path, calling for the restriction or rights of free speech, control of MSM, control industry, medical access, reversing innocent until proven guilty to guilty until proven innocent. They are terrified of an armed civilian populace, with good cause. It’s much more difficult to subjugate that populace. Always totalitarian wannnabes disarm the people first, “for the good of society” or themselves?

If this doesn’t sound like every Democratic candidate, you’re not paying attention. The anti-gun platform targeting the law-abiding instead of criminals, drug gangs, and terrorists most obviously, slightly less so, attacks on free speech with their “hate speech” political correctness. If it looks like a duck, etc. This is the path socialism inevitably leads to, absolute rule by the self-entitled elite.

Noted Democrat James Carville just recently cautioned his party that they are in danger of becoming a political cult with their crazy left drift and media filled with crazy AOC reporters. (His words.) Carville also declared Trump the greatest threat to democracy since the fall of communism (USSR?). I ask how so? He’s made no move against free speech, ridiculed, exposed lies of opponents. No attempt to censor MSM, violated no laws, so make your case if you dare.

Also, I just read the President was credited with starting the Second Chance Act, encouraging American Businesses to hire former prison population and offers millions of dollars to help the post-release adjustment. Trump also, by executive order, has given massive support to American Black Collages, more than in entire American history. Given the often-cited disproportion of blacks in prison, seems both these acts put a large dent in the left’s accusation of him as a racist.

Did Obama do these things?