So kids, what did we learn from Thursday’s House Session (Morning: 02/20/20)? - Granite Grok

So kids, what did we learn from Thursday’s House Session (Morning: 02/20/20)?


We learned that in the morning some very good things took place.  So I will start with that.

  1. The Merrimack Delegation stood together to honor the late Hon. Pete Batula. He was a good man. May his memory be a blessing always.
  2. The House made note to honor Black History Month, with members of the House reading excerpts or Dr. King’s “I Have a Dream” speech.
  3. A ceremonial check for $3,700 was presented to Rep. JP Marzullo for Liberty House. The money was raised by proceeds from the 3rd annual House Softball Game organized by Rep. Buchanan, Rep. Panasiti and Rep. Edwards. NH Civil Air Patrol also supported the event.

That morning we learned that another anti-gun bill passed (HB1379- FN) which would require background checks for commercial firearms sales, even though it is already illegal to transfer ownership of a firearm to a prohibited person. The bill contains confusing and conflicting language, but the Democrat House Majority passed it anyway. Following that, the House also chose to reduce penalties for first offense drug charges (HB1625-FN) and allow home cultivation of cannabis (HB16498-FN) but tabled a bill that would extend look back periods for driving while intoxicated (HB1654-FN) and would have helped to identify people who have had 3rd and 4th offenses and apparently continue in behavior that is a danger to public safety.  Leniency ruled the morning, except when it came to guns.

That morning we learned that the House also killed a bill (HB1336) that would have expanded the use of college readiness assessment tests beyond just SAT and ACT. The House also killed a bill (HB1369) to create more options to transfer high school course credits when teens transfer between high schools preventing kids from having to retake courses. They also killed a bill (HB1412) which would have allowed credit for certain approved courses from one secondary school program to be transferred to another school. Finally, the House killed the bill (HB1454) which would allow credit for alternative  extended learning and work-based programs, also known as the “Learn Everywhere Program”.  It would appear that House Majority Democrats truly despise any type of competition or choice or innovation in the education of NH children and adults. Where are all these people who keep telling us, “it’s for the kids”?

Read about the rest of the day in my next post… it was unprecedented.