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Schumer may get black swanned by polling?

Chuck Schumer

SHOT: Chuck Schumer: Dems Will Be ‘Strongly United’ Behind Nominee, Even If They’re A Socialist

Sen. Chuck Schumer (D-NY) reminded Democrats on Tuesday that the party would be united behind the eventual nominee, even if that nominee happens to be a socialist. In a joint press conference with Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi (D-CA), Schumer rebuffed questions over whether the party will fracture if Sen. Bernie Sanders (I-VT), a “Democratic socialist” is named the party’s presidential nominee, leaving some Democrats — including, perhaps, Schumer — out in the cold. Schumer was adamant that the party would be “strongly united” behind a nominee and “focused like a laser” on defeating President Donald Trump.

CHASER: Top Pollster: Only 45% Of Americans Would Vote For A Socialist For President

As Soviet Union-honeymooning, Sandinista-supporting, Fidel Castro-praising, full-on socialist loon bag Sen. Bernie Sanders (I-VT) emerges as the undisputed front runner for the Democratic Party’s 2020 presidential nomination, it nonetheless seems that the median American is rather lukewarm about the possibility of supporting someone for the presidency who holds such historically fringe views.

According to a Gallup survey released yesterday, “… but only 45% say they would vote for a socialist for president,” the Jewish Press summarized.” “Gallup’s bottom line conclusion is: The self-declared socialist Sanders could count on 76% of Democratic voters, 45% of Independents and …  only 17% of Republicans,” the Press noted.

The question is, which one IS the Socialist of the three “coming out of NH”?

Bernie Sanders claims to be a “Democratic” Socialist which, is to say, a Socialist. And in his case, calling himself a Socialist is trying to soften his image; the perception on the Right is that he has little proof of only being a Socialist – he’s further Left than that which puts him back into the Soviet Union political seat.

Buttigieg?  Red Diaper baby – parents were Communists (and we talked about him with Trevor Loudon during our “First in the Nation Primary” broadcast fest from the DoubleTree hotel.  I’ll be working on the audio and video starting tomorrow.

And while Amy Klobuchar is presenting herself as only a “Minnesota Nice” person, I was reminded of her Democrat Socialists of America ties.

So, will this observation by Gallup hold up?

Only if the Right doesn’t go all wobbly and keep their mouths shut.  Which, given that Trump takes on all comers, I don’t think that will be a problem.

But, given that our “beloved” JHO (aka Jennifer Horn) is, once more, running and after the next dollar attached to a moving string and trying to be “relevant” with the Lincoln Project, I’m wondering if she’s going to go to the next level. As Mike noted:

J-Ho clearly calls for Shaheen to be retained over O’Brien or Bolduc

So if she’s already FOR SHAHEEN, what’s the over/under that she’d actually promote a COMMUNIST (see above) over Trump?

Which would mean that she’s gone full circle since she started out trying to run for Congress as a TEA Party candidate, and succeedingly kept moving Leftward ever since. So, when she starts advocating for the Democrat nominee, who by definition will be a Socialist/Communist, I think you can make the inference I’m throwing…