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J-Ho and The Lincoln (Republican Sellout) Project

Dan Mitchell incredulously interviews J-Ho

Sinking to “Fungus Cullen” levels of irrelevance, Jennifer Horn was spotted today around the NH Primary media rooms of the Doubletree hotel, and she was actually being trailed by videographers.

Stunned that anybody would find J-Ho’s increasingly un-Republican viewpoint of interest, I noted that she at down for an interview with Dan Mitchell of WKBK (Keene). At first, I let the words drift by, but it gradually sunk in that the entire purpose of this organization she was touting, was to replace Republican Senators with Democrats, and that Dan Mitchell was becoming increasingly incredulous that a so-called “devoted Republican” had such a bad case of TDS that she would work to put lawless Democrats in office to undermine President Trump. I recorded the final piece of the interview so you can hear for yourselves the slander of moderate Republicans who dared to vote to reject the sham-peachment presented by ol’ Schiff-for-brains. J-Ho clearly calls for Shaheen to be retained over O’Brien or Bolduc, and for the defeat of Collins, McSally, and Gardner:

Ahhh: Taqiyya – the language of turncoats and socialists (and islamists)!

Lincoln was a proud Republican who loved the country and its Constitution, and fought to free the slaves.
Modern Democrats are rabid Marxists who hate the country and want a revolution to enslave the masses.
What level of Trump Derangement Syndrome do you need to have to sell yourself out to the idea that racist, America-hating Democrats are the better choice?

THIS level of TDS – just look at the company she has rushed to embrace:

George Conway is a lawyer in New York City and a founding member of Checks & Balances, a group of conservative and libertarian lawyers organized to defend the rule of law. (He is also the lesser half of KellyAnne Conway.)

Reed Galen is an independent political strategist. He left the Republican Party in 2016 and has spent the last three years dedicated to the political reform movement, creating a better system for all voters. (An honest ex-Republican)

Jennifer Horn is a communications strategist and former Chairman of the NH Republican Party. (And can’t stop interfering in Republican politics)

Mike Madrid is a Republican strategist and former political director of the California Republican Party. He serves as a senior advisor to the California Latino Economic Institute. (A California kind of ‘Republican’)

Steve Schmidt is a national political strategist. He previously worked for President George W. Bush, Senator John McCain and Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger. (And wouldn’t know an actual conservative if one smacked him in the face!)

Ron Steslow is a brand and marketing strategist and independent political consultant. Since leaving the GOP in 2016, he has worked to put voters first in our political system. (Another ‘ex’)

John Weaver is a national political strategist. He worked for President George H.W. Bush, Senator John McCain and Ohio Governor John Kasich. (By their friends ye shall know them!)

Rick Wilson is a long time Republican media consultant and author of the New York Times bestselling book, Everything Trump Touches Dies. (Also last seen giggling with Dumb Lemon about Trump’s Rube Boomer voters!)

So insulting, the GOP made it into a campaign ad – here’s Rick Wilson with Dumb Lemon, folks: