Oh, an add-on to Liam Kennedy's lament about viewing Govt as incompetent and inept. - Granite Grok

Oh, an add-on to Liam Kennedy’s lament about viewing Govt as incompetent and inept.

Incompetent Government

Remember, he was the academician that just hates on Paw Patrol – the Grandson’s favorite cartoon series (at least, today; next week – who knows?):

In this world, politicians are presented as incompetent or unethical and the state, either incapable of delivering or unwilling to provide basic social services to citizens

Well, there are many of on the Right that disagree with the Professor – mostly because we’ve been up close in seeing how things get done. Here’s yet another example, this time, in DC and about Gun Crime (reformatted, emphasis mine):

Washington DC city fathers (and mothers…far be it from us to perpetuate the patriarchy), just like their counterparts in most other big urban areas around the country, make quite a show of decrying “gun violence” at every opportunity. But the problem isn’t a lack of laws on the books. There’s no shortage of regulations. The problem is incompetent, ineffective and inept government and criminal justice systems that let crooks — many who are caught red-handed (see below) — off the hook and back on the streets to re-offend.

See, I’m not the only one. While the Left / Big Statists are happy with the Administrative State (the end goal of Progressives; the prime example is the Consumer Protection Bureau created by Granny Elizabeth Warren which is all but unaccountable to anyone – including the President.  Rather unConstitutional and that is how that fight is being fought in the courts.  Sorta like what Maggie Hassan tried to do here in NH by setting up a Board that would regulate NH hospitals, “harmonize” pricing, and then taxing them for the privilege of being overseen and only being accountable to itself.  How’s THAT kind of Govt going to work out for citzens, eh?  But I digress.

Govt should be excellent in what it does but too often, it is too big to do so because politicians and bureaucrats are always looking to have Govt do more.  Sometimes, as the true believers and Communists like Bernie Sanders believe, that only good things can come from Govt (and not from us, the Individual citizen).  Others are just doing what is natural – bigger is better. And the rest are always trying to justify what they do even if the need for it has passed them by – so they “alter” their mission statement thinking that no one else will be the wiser.

The Founders were right – a limited Government not only allows for maximal Individual Freedom (simply because Government is too small to get into our way and into our lives), it should provide a focus on what it DOES do in a most excellent manner.  Do those things it is supposed to do (e.g., The Proper Role of Government), do them well, and don’t take on anything else.

Except for when taxes come due.

I’m quite sure that Prof Kennedy would be aghast at how many people believe the opposite of him.  Surely, there is Jim Babcock of Gilford that put in a Letter to the Editor just RAVING about how good things in Town – including the new Recycling Center (aka, the Scott Dunn Monument to Economic Illiteracy) among other anecdotal snippets. Nothing is ever wrong in Gilford – EVAH!

Apparently, seeing that Mr. Babcock decided to skip the math, I guess he is going to have a bang up smile on his face when he figures out that this LOVELY facility will cost him in a lot of uplifted taxes (to which he underhandedly acquiesces to paying with a smile) due to the future losses of $6.4 million over the next 10 years. Yes SIR, Government can be GREAT!

I just wonder how come it can’t go out of business when it deliberately runs into a loss like that.  Thanks Jim

SIDENOTE: Yes, I called it Gun Crime for that is what it really is and we on the Right MUST stop using the language of the Left. Violence against another is a crime, full stop.  Doesn’t matter if it is committed with a gun, some other inanimate object, or with bare hands. It’s a crime. But the Left uses that focus group phrase simply because it sounds less intimidating and something OTHER than a Crime in substituting “Violence”.  It isn’t – it’s a crime.

Don’t let them use that verbiage – call it what it is – just Crime.  The tool is irrelevant.  Let them keep using “gun violence” instead of Crime and we’ll lose our Second Amendment Rights simply because they call it something different.